Guest wants to return to see proof of damage

I have never have had a truly bad guest through Air BnB. This time a month long stay with four mechanics left my sheets, towels, bedspreads and one piece of furniture ruined with a gray grime that will not come out. The guest now wants to return to see proof of the damage. I’ve sent him pictures along with the nuts, bolt and small tools I found in my washer and dryer. I do not want him back to the house which will be rented again by the time he wishes to return. He blames me for not checking every room before they checked out. I have filed with Airbnb and I hope they will help me. Any thoughts?

This has already been sent to the Resolution Center? If so, you can say that AirBNB and your insurance company forbid you from allowing them back into the property. You can do just enough white lies to keep them away. There is no reason that you have to prove to THEM that there was damage once you have moved to the Resolution Center!

Thank you. I’ve never filed a claim before so i don’t know how this works, but the guest is implying he won’t pay the claim until he proves I didn’t make the whole thing up. I won’t allow him back on property for any reason. He had asked if he could return for another 10 day stay. I was blown away.

I would explain that unfortunately he is not welcome back into your home. If he is still not willing to resolve the issue or accept the documentation you’ve put to him then lodge a claim via AirBNB’s resolution centre.

I am slightly surprised he’s asked for another stay. Do you think he’s genuine (and just a bit dirty) or do you think he’s malicious?

Oh, man, what a strange situation! I imagine that his own stuff is in the same condition which is why he doesn’t understand that there was damage. Do you think that’s it?

So the guest is basically saying he has zero idea what you are talking about? Were these guys all going to bed with car oil/grease on their bodies…and then they left a gray sheen everywhere?

Certainly if they did this at your home, then they do it to their sheets in their own home. Was the damage done to ALL the sheets in every bed? You say there were four men. So I am just wondering if it is was one dirty man doing all the damage, or if all them are nasty…

Up to the point that he checked out I thought the visit was going very well. They were decidedly sloppy but that had no impact on my opinion of them. It was when my crew started sending the most disgusting pictures imaginable of what they found. I have let him know that coming back is not an option and he now knows that. I don’t know he will abide by it, but he knows. I am ceasing communication with him with hopes that the Resolution Center can help.

I do believe he/they live by a different standard of cleanliness, but he was not in a hotel. He was in my home and he knew how it looked when he arrived and he remarked at how nice the home is.

All were nasty. All left a mess…some even worse than others.

Is there something else they left behind that makes it the “the most disgusting pictures imaginable”?

We had a guest who was lovely but clearly used a lot of cooking oil. It took me forever to clean the kitchen to an acceptable state for the next guests. With sheets and cleanliness, I count this to different people having different standards.

Have you contact airbnb after they checked out? Did you took enough photos from different angels?

Hmmm what’s confusing is the hyperbole being used in this thread. Most disgusting place imaginable is probably an extreme description.

Seems to me these guys work hard and get covered in stuff which means they’re a bit harder on everything they use. They probably need to change the sheets on the bed more often because of grease residue etc and you’d probably not want them sitting on soft furnishings.

I’m sure there was was damage and yes you should claim for it but this clearly wasn’t malicious, just very unfortunate.