Guest wants to host 30 people wedding brunch

I would like to get some advice from other hosts. I live in San Francisco and have a fairly large (for the Bay Area) 3 bedroom house in Bernal. My guest who is staying about 5 days for her son’s wedding just asked if she could have the day after wedding brunch for about 30 people at our house. While we could likely fit 30 people in our house, I am worrried about something breaking, garbage piling up (we have another guest checking in the next day without any garbage pick up), nor do I have seating/plates/serving trays for a party that size. She seems pretty reliable but it just makes me nervous. Is this asking a lot or should I try to accomodate?

I would never, ever accept this! It is asking a LOT
You would have to raise her cost significantly and even then it wouldn’t be worth it to me.
I once had someone ask if they book my kitchen for a day to film a scene for a short film and I even said no because my rate is for one person sleeping and using a restroom, not several people trampling around my home. Of course they also expected my low daily rate for one person which is also a bit insulting.

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Also, Airbnb’s host protections are not going to cover you for all thirty people.

Will there be children? Will they be serving alcohol? Will someone get hurt? Will someone be cleaning up after the party?

Too many uncertainties.

Since this is outside of the Airbnb transaction then you would have to collect separately for an increased costs and a separate damage deposit.

I wouldn’t do it knowing that you a same day check in/check out. And you do not have garbage pick up before next guest check in.

What I don’t understand is why she is asking this during her stay. Don’t most people pre-plan a wedding brunch? Are they all just going to walking around and sitting on couches, eating off of paper plates and drinking out of plastic cups? I really hope she hasn’t planned this and then thought she should ask now.

I had an inquiry last week for the bride and groom to rent my two bedroom, but to also allow people to come and go and get ready for the wedding, etc. And she wanted to host a brunch for 30-40 people. I told her the septic system cannot handle more than 6 guests total…that includes visitors. And there just isn’t room for that many people.

Like you, it would make me very nervous. And then what if the guest denies any damage because the other members didn’t bother saying something. If you have a trustworthy neighbor, I would have them keep an eye to see if a bunch of cars and guests are there.

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AirBnB allows a host under the Amenities section to check “Suitable for Events.” Did you check that box? If you did, and want to take on the challenge, communicate well with your guest over all of your concerns. And tell her that each and every guest will need to register their name, address and phone number in your guest book and provide legal form of ID. Don’t let anyone but registered guests onto your property. You might need to call for extra garbage pick up. Make sure your home is properly insured (and not covered under just homeowner’s insurance). Maybe tell the guest who wants to do it you’ll require an extra fee for cleaning. Whatever it takes! And if it sounds all too exhausting or inconvenient, don’t do it. Have you thought about where everyone will park? Have you thought about what your neighbors will think? Noise issues? Drunk guests vomiting on your furniture? Etc Etc Etc

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NO WAY!!! Not in a million years!!!

I get asked 10 times a month ( at least) from guests wanting to have a wedding in our pretty backyard or to hold the rehearsal dinner. I say NO over and over again and refer guests to book a local commercial venues. Parking would be an issue in a neighborhood, along with liability and neighbor problems.

We have been asked to hold events in our house in the past too. Our response has always been a polite no. We have however hosted a one day advertising photo shoot that actually went very well. We charged double our usual rate, double our usual deposit (all in cash) and we kept it outside the airbnb system.

Exactly. Just say no. NO benefit to you and everything to lose. Let them find a community center. :slight_smile:

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we got asked to do a commercial last year …we agreed and they booked one room …they then set up and used the house and garden …I changed the reservation and charged them for the whole house …and they paid …it was not to much of an inconvenience … but there were only 10 people here I don’t know how I would feel if 30 showed up

If they had to pay market rates for a set it would be MUCH more. No doubt production companies are scouring Air for a cheap way to do a shoot, and the host is none the wiser. I personally would say no to this… not that I have anything production worthy. :slight_smile: