Guest wants to cancel

Okay, I had a guest that called me this morning at 7 am that wanted to cancel her reservation on VRBO for today and tomorrow. She booked it 3 days ago. She is coming in for a funeral. I don’t want to be harsh on her. VRBOs cancellation policy would not issue her a refund. If I cancel her stay will it penalize me like Airbnb? Should I cancel?

I’m not familiar with the VRBO platform but if were airbnb I wouldn’t cancel, I’d tell her to do it. Whether or not you want to refund is a separate matter.

I would check with VRBO but I would say when your guest cancels you have an option to refund more than your cancellation policy, if that is what you would like to do.

Thanks! She has decided not to cancel. I think she was just uneasy

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