Guest wants me to buy beach passes in advance

My guess wants me to buy two beach passes for her use when she comes. She’s offered to pay for them in advance, how does everybody handle things like this? For me it requires a trip to Townhall in the purchase. Ask them to pay me PayPal directly? Or collect in cash on arrival?

I wouldn’t do it. It’s extra effort that you put into it, your time and gas. But if you still want to do it, PayPal is the best. Then only thing is that they charge you something. I think it’s 2%. Not sure.

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No… don’t do that. Sorry to sound so blunt… but there’s no money in it for you. Refer them to the appropriate agency and let them do their own arrangements. So much can be done online. You are not a hotel concierge desk, so please. The last time I made a special effort for a guest (special contact to get them a car during sold out Ironman) they were sooooo grateful for the car (as they would have had to take a bus or cab out to my place an hour from town in the country) but found it in their heart to leave a crappy review!! Nice!!! I guess I am jaded. Fed up with doing extras and getting not paid extra… or repaid with a ding in a review. I still get good reviews without doing extras. So yeah, tell them itineraries are the responsibility of the guest. Of course there is a way to say this politely.

This sounds bogus… and like you are selling something. I couldn’t disagree more…

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