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Guest Wants Address

Not very new then, but fairly new. I understand that you haven’t had this problem yet because of what you said above but damage limitation that just takes a couple of seconds (especially when the guest was rude as in this case) is something that hosts need to think about.

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As we often say, every host is different. I don’t like to rely on house rules - just a personal preference - because to me it’s all too ‘kindergarten’.

Also, on the property here, the mail goes into lockable mailboxes and I’m the only person who has the keys to those belonging to the rentals. So mail delivery isn’t my thing. I’m busy enough!

I’ve certainly had guests with whom I would have no issue with them wanting to receive mail at my address. I can see where the demographic of Jason’s guests would not necessarily pose any problems. But I would never just agree to let an unknown guest who hadn’t been staying for awhile to use the address.

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I agree with you. We’ve let a couple of multiple-repeat guests have Amazon packages delivered here. But we know them so well that they’re trusted friends.

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I think there’s a big difference too, when it comes to having hard and fast rules, in how well you get to know your guests. An off-site host who may have little to no interaction with guests is likely best to stick to their rules and not make any exceptions, but on-site or home-share hosts can usually get a pretty good feel for whether okaying things you normally wouldn’t is risk-free.

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All of our mail comes through the same slot. I’m not interested in sorting it for an airbnb guest. I’m also not interested in them seeing all of my mail. I didn’t mind as much before covid because we sent everything to a box at a ups store, but we don’t want to go in there all of the time now.

My main issue was the way that this guest told me she was having her mail forwarded. The sense of entitlement was overbearing. This wasn’t the first issue with her either. My units are in my house, even though they are separate apartments, and I go way out of my way for guests, but this was a long term reservation and I didn’t want to deal with this attitude in my home.

I think a lot of hosts here also raised some legitimate issues that I hadn’t even thought of. This guest was moving to town from another state and I can only imagine what she might do with my address.

Anyway, this guest is now a non-issue. A non-guest actually :wink:


@JJD Yes, guests telling hosts how it’s going to be, instead of asking politely if it would be acceptable, is definitely rude. Whether its telling you that they have invited 3 other couples over for dinner, that they are having mail delivered, or whatever.

I asked a guest to cancel once and Airbnb pounced on me badly.

I agree that guests sending mail to the host’s address, without asking first, is quite rude and presumptive. But then, some guests are just a bit rude. This stuff just happens. For me this is not a deal breaker and we regularly have guests sending things to our address and we don’t see a problem with it.

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That’s because Air CS sucks. So what? It’s your house, your rules. Cancel away.

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I agree, too bad that CS is worse than ever now, looooong hold times. Since they are cutting back on CS they should allow the host more flexibility to manage their own listings. I do not need CS to cancel, I just need not to be penalized.


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