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Guest used gross Glades plug in, now place stinks!

Has anyone ever had experience with a guest using one of those disgusting Glades plugins?
I have never had any complaints regarding a smell in my apartment so I was shocked to come home and see that she’d been running a plugin the whole time.
I’m quite sensitive to chemical smell, I clean my apartment using natural cleaners, perhaps this makes me more sensitive to the fragrance.

My place is small so this smell is so overpowering it’s giving me and my partner a headache. I’m worried it might be too much for my next guests.

I have been airing the place out for days but the smell has attached to the carpet, drapes, walls and furniture. I even smell like the stuff when I leave my home!

It never even occurred to me that this might be a problem! Has anyone ever dealt with this? Would you mention it in the review?

I would because many people are sensitive to smells. She probably thought she was being nice so she needs to be made aware.

It’s not often that I disagree with @KKC but I wouldn’t mention it. When a guest rents our rental it is ‘their home’ for the duration of their stay.

This doesn’t mean that they can disrespect it but the plug in thing might be something they use in their home all the time.

We all have different tastes and idiosyncrasies (as guests and hosts) and who knows? Your next guests might not even notice.


UGH you have my complete sympathy. But to mention it in a review seems petty. I would, however, leave it in private feedback that using such things are a hazard as many people have asthma, or perhaps migraines, that are triggered by such.

You could put it in your rules - but most likely, this is a one-off.

I used to have to call an office, where I worked part-time, and ask that one of my co-workers unplug their thing. Would set off my asthma.

But as @jaquo says, different strokes for different folks. Those horrible things sells like crazy for a reason…

Well the problem is that I wouldn’t mind it had the smell not stuck to everything. It shows no signs of clearing.
If I was a future host I would probably want to know, she rented my place for a week so it’s a weeks worth of this stuff in my place.
I also feel bad for my next guest that will have to endure this smell, I doubt they won’t notice given that every one that has come into my place since has mentioned it.

I have canceled rental homes that had smells like this. Makes me sick, which isn’t my idea of a good vacation. Only happened once, actually. The other one was an apartment that smelled overwhelmingly like human waste.

I have been surprised by how much “product” all of my guests have used. The rooms reek when they leave, but it airs out quickly. Those plug in [and spray] cover up scents are harder to disperse. I do wonder what will happen in the winter when I can’t throw open the windows and turn on the fans.

I had originally thought I would make scent free one of my rules. Good thing I didn’t. I might not have had ANY guests at all!

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