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Guest trying to extort money or threatens bad review


That’s outrageous that they haven’t removed him from the platform. Why would you have to contact someone and explain they can’t blackmail someone. Are they living in the real world?


I would definitely go back to them ask them to remove him from the platform as it was aggressive and tried to blackmail you.


They are so behind the times when it comes to the whole review nonsense. I remember on the Reddit ama the CS said they don’t have the ability to remove reviews. However they can HIDE them… and that is why the stars still stand.

Their review policies and procedures need a huge overhaul.


i am jsut curious how did he get your whatsapp contact? We only contact guests via the app, for reasons like this.


Host contact details are normally available to guests once they book.


hmmmm okay, i have never had a guest contact me outside the system, but also haven’t proveded any other means of contact. maybe i am wrong


They have your phone number after they book. WhatsApp is based on phone numbers. If you have a WhatsApp account based on the phone number you have given AirBNB, guests can reach you that way. And many prefer it over phone calls since it is free.


I think all hosts should provide a way of guests contacting them in an emergency. Internet is not always available or hosts may not always respond through Airbnb messaging straight away, so a guest needs to be able to get hold of you in this situation if there is an issue such as a problem at the listing, delay in travel arrangements etc.

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