Guest took keys AFTER checkout

Here’s a fun one, I’ll try to keep it short.

Basically, my guests had checked out, but left their bags to pick up later. When they returned to pick up their bags, I was home, and I had left the main room keys on the table in the room (when leaving bags, guests get “spare” keys, which don’t include the bedroom door lock key). At some point, the guest’s boyfriend wanted to check the room because he thought he had forgotten something, and ended up pocketing the keys off of the table. I didn’t realize they were missing until later that night, and when I contacted his girlfriend (who was the paying guest) she responded immediately that she had found them in HER pocket when she got home, no idea how they got there. My first concern was that she waited for ME to message HER that the keys were missing. She promised to overnight the keys, this was at least two or three days ago, the keys still haven’t arrived. Thank goodness I have a lock replacement fee listed in my house rules and all of that, so I did request that, and changed out the lock immediately the next day. She said she’d approve the request ASAP, still hasn’t, go figure. But anyway… am I paranoid, or do you think this guy straight up took the keys on purpose? So weird. I’ve got all these storylines going in my imagination, like he’s a kleptomaniac, and he tried to hide the evidence in her coat pocket, haha…

I think this is very odd.

How do you know that the boyfiriend rather than your guest took the keys, as she claims?

I think you are right to change the locks in this circumstances and charge them.

As she has agreed to pay but hasn’t you can go through the resolution centre.

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Super annoying and very bad.
Helsi is right. If they don’t accept, have Air intervene. Then leave a very bad review.

Well of course, I’ll escalate it to AirBnb if she doesn’t respond. I’m still hoping she will, but it doesn’t look good. The boyfriend was the only one who went back into the room. I had already left a review, wrote to AirBnb asking if I could change it, haha.

This must be why AirBnB pushes so hard to review the guest the second they leave (or even earlier!) It doesn’t give us time to find these kind of issues.

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I would raise this through Airbnb’s resolution centre sooner rather than later - I think you mention it’s already been a few days.

They are not going to let you change your review. (I always advise not to leave reviews straight away as this doesn’t give time for issues/problems to come out of the woodwork). Always leave two or three days.

I always wait until the next guest checks in to review. You never know what you may miss on your walk through.

Another lesson learned. :slight_smile:

I had done the walk through, everything was in great shape, they were good guests, I just thought the key thing was odd. There was no reason for them to pick them up from the table, and they had given me back the spares. I mean, it could have been an honest mistake, but when they didn’t message me right away, but waited for me to ask about the keys, I just thought it was weird.