Guest through a big party and is angry about a bad review

My first awful guest. They threw a huge party and disregarded every rule I had. There was a trash can overflowing with empty bottles of hard liquor, they smoked, puked and someone either got punched or fell out of drunkenness on to their face so there was blood on towels, bed linens wall and shower. After the party I called airbnb and I sent photos and a request for $250 to for extra cleaning and to replace linens. The guy sent the the money without a response. Fast forward 2 weeks and I left a review. The guest didn’t see the review until it was too late for them to leave one. He then sent me a message saying "I get that you weren’t happy with our stay but I paid you $250 for your linens and they probably only cost $50, and you still left me a bad review?? Your neighbors never said anything to me at all. You can either remove it or send me back $200 since your linens probably cost less than $50. -Never mind the extra cleaning fee and pissed off HOA. (my neighbors didn’t talk to him… they came to me). I called Airbnb back and forwarded them his email. They said decline his request for $200 and let him come to them, because they have strict rules on extortion for reviews and that’s what this is. Sorry this happened.

So that’s what I did.






Check this review on and off as the guest has 30 days to leave a public response to your review of him. If he does leave one you have a good case to get it removed.


My jaw dropped when I read this. Very few times have I read that a guest paid without question.

The correct response is “Of course I left you a bad review, I want every host you book with in the future to know what you might do to their house.”

Hats off to you for requesting the money. Most hosts are scared to do it because many guests will immediately leave a bad review full of lies for the host as soon as the host asks the guest for money. I had a very similar situation where a guest had a party, did about $300 in damages, plus needing about 12 hours of extra cleaning and repairs. I didn’t request money. It was my 6th guest ever including one guest that did not review, and I didn’t think I could afford a retaliatory 1-star review. I left him a bad review 3 days after he checked out. He left me 5 stars.


Only if the response can be removed and not the entire review.

There have been a few cases where only the response is removed, not the review.


None. I wouldn’t reply at all. He can get glad in the same britches he got mad in, or change them. No matter to the host either way.


Who cares if he leaves a response?? It only shows on his own profile page, not on the host’s. Unless I’ve missed some big change in the review system?


I actually waited to respond to his request for the money until the night before the review would be permanent since he hadn’t responded in two weeks. I did this on advice of the rep from Airbnb. She said … don’t leave it for another 3 days, Then it will be too late for him to respond directly in public view. So I waited. He was an entitled jerk. It was gross. It could have ended my ability to airbnb completely with my neighbors and HOA. I was VERY lucky because my unfriendly neighbors on one side went out of town that weekend and only complained when they saw the trash out that I had missed out back. The other neighbors gave it a pass. I did respond briefly to him and said “you disrespected my home and broke all the rules. If you have a problem with my accurate review, you are welcome to take this request to Airbnb and when you do, be sure to tell them how you told me to take down the review or pay you $200.”
(I’d already told them), but he didn’t respond further.

So at least I felt supported by Airbnb regarding this guy.


I don’t care if he responds to my review of him. He can’t remove it and he can’t leave one on me because he waited too long.


Good on you!!..……………


Brian, make sure to write off the $300 as an expense on your income taxes.


Thank you for your brilliant and professional handling of this jerk and for reviewing honestly.


That ‘entitled’ bullying child certainly has his droopy nappy in a twist!! Boo hoo! !!!
It’s hard to comprehend that kind of behaviour isn’t it?!


He won’t be able to respond to her review. Both guests and hosts can only respond to a review if they also left a review - which he didn’t and can’t now, so no response to hers either.


The bad review is a red alert to the next hosts. To hell with this guest.


in dont understand, if you leave a review and he doesnt, the review still gets posted after 30 days?

@skideeppow, if the host leaves a review but the guest doesn’t, the host’s review gets posted after 14 days.

Either guests or hosts can post a response to a review within 30 days.

I think what @JJD is saying is that since the guest did not leave a review for the host, the guest also cannot leave a response to the host’s review. I didn’t know this, either.

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That’s why I left the review. I don’t accept guests with bad reviews, and I don’t want others to be duped and disrespected by this turkey.


Unfortunately people think cost is only the dollar amount, not the work, time going to the store, the drive, shopping, expedience for the next guest or even your own use, and mental effort to fix their broken item. I have listed several prices on my profile for broken items. A guest broke the curtain rod - who knows how - and did not even tell me it was broken. I use the inexpensive kind of rod, but had to drive and get a new one for the next guest who was coming in soon so they could have a curtain up. Put a real price on these things, I say.

Good luck, and sorry to hear about your disaster guest!