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Guest that booked in March for the month of July now wants to cancel but wants us (the host) to cancel



I agree 100%.

My ethics now (different than in my youth) preclude me from taking money and giving no product or service in exchange. To me that is no different than a scam or theft. I see this as a financial transaction first, an emotional one second. Feelings of competition, contempt, anger at being manipulated, a desire to get revenge on a guest who tried to outsmart me are all negative emotions that I find exact a cost far greater than the monetary one.

Other people take a different path and are perfectly happy to do so.


I agree and since the OP did give something of value she should not refund a penny. The item of value of course was having her calendar blocked for a busy month for 4 months. The guest agreed to a contract which has a refund policy spelled out. However the guest decides to honor the contract is on the guest.



If that item has great value to you, then by all means, charge for it.

You do you.


It also had a value to the guest, it allowed them to make plans and be assured they had a place to stay months in advance.

Yes I do I and you do you and we can differ in what we do!



Glad we cleared that up.

We sound like Dr. Seuss.


Another DS take on it

You be you and I be me we can agree to disagree!




That’s so good, I think I will add it to the forum guidelines! :laughing::laughing:


But nobody will read them…



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