Guest submitted alteration screwed up price

I have a guest that checked in June 25th for 14 nights. He’s scheduled to leave Sunday morning.

After he had made his booking a few weeks ago, I made some minor changes to my listing pricing, raising my default price 10% and then offering a discount of 10% on stays that were 7 days or more. I’m just trying to test the waters and see what the market will bear.

Late last night, my guest submitted a reservation alteration request because he wants to leave a day early on Saturday morning instead. In doing this, even though he was already booked at the higher rate, airbnb has recalculated his whole trip and wants to refund him the one night, plus 10% of all the other nights that he had booked at my lower price. I’m at a loss of what to do here. That payout I got almost 2 weeks ago has already been used to pay the mtg. Will airbnb go into my account and take it back? Should I just offer the guy a partial refund of the last night in cash?

Don’t accept your guest’s alteration. You can send your guest an alteration with the correct price.


I ended up declining the modification and just gave the guy 50% refund of that last night as it states int he cancellation policy. He was cool with that.

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