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Guest satisfaction with your listing vs. your satisfaction with your guest? A poll (from a host here, not someone’s dissertation)


I would rather have a guest who is perfectly satisfied with my listing and leaves it less than perfect than a guest who is less satisfied with my listing and leaves it perfect.


Poll below.

  • Perfectly satisfied on check in, left less than perfect on departure.
  • Less than perfectly satisfied on check in, left perfect on departure.

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Sorry that I have to nitpick, but I don’t get the satisfaction on check in.

Do you mean:

  1. Guest leaves (=checkOUT) perfectly satisfied, but leaves my place less*** than perfect.
  2. Guest leaves (=checkOUT) less than perfectly satisfied, but leaves my place perfect.

(*** There is NO permanent damage.)


There’s no reason why we can’t want it all! We might not always get what we want. The best thing would be for guests to read rules and limitations.


Correct: no permanent damage. An example would be a couple dishes in the sink, maybe some leftovers in the fridge, etc., vs. someone who clearly wiped down every surface, etc.


Yes, less than perfect is okay by me.


I suppose a better way to have worded it would be “would you rather get 4 or less stars from a perfectly neat guest or 5 stars from a guest you might have spent an extra 10-15 minutes cleaning up after?” But I felt that may have been too obvious. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


In any business, a good deal is only a good deal if it’s good for everyone. (A bit of a repetitive sentence, but true). So a good Airbnb stay, to me, is good for the guest and good for the host.

That being said, definitely 5 stars and a few minutes extra cleaning :slight_smile:

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