Guest’s dog urinated on communal hallway carpet

I was recently contacted by the very nice couple who live in the flat above that the dog of a recent guest had urInated in the hall and that there was a bad smell from the stain.My flat’s Air B+B rentals etc. are managed by a company because I am abroad,so I asked them to step in. (Their cleaners had not seen the stain because it was not inside the flat.)
They said they would contact the pet owner but because there had been two other guests in between,Air B+B would not pay for the damage(cleaning or new carpet if necessary).
Am looking for advice……

They won’t pay for pet damage at all, let alone that it was a number of guests ago.
Re pets- it is always the guest urinated on the carpet.


As Deb says, you can forget about getting compensated as claim procedure wasn’t followed. And the kind of guests who let their dog urinate on the hall carpet and walk away from it without apologizing and offering to pay for cleaning in the first place are not likely to agree to pay now.

My advice? Make sure that carpet gets cleaned immediately so your very nice neighbors don’t have to be subjected to the smell of a urine soaked carpet for yet another day.


You seem to have a lot of issues, cleaning, damages, locksmiths, etc.
With a remote stay, you need a GOOD co-host or management company. Are you getting a ton of 5 star reviews? If not, that’s one more problem …


Pee seems to be a trending topic lately!

Guest pees off balcony
Cat pees on ex’s jeans
Dog pees in hallway…

As @Jefferson said, you seem to have a LOT of problems that need addressing in person. Not sure where you are or if you can travel, but it seems like it’s time for you to stay there for a week or two and sort things out in person.

If you accept pets, get a security deposit - one that you hold in escrow.

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Yep 3-Ps of pets. Pee puke & poop.

If Oxifresh carpet cleaning is available in your area, you may wish to give them a try. I’ve been happy. They do a good job with pet stains & smells.

A guest’s service dog peed on my living room carpet. EVERY TIME I stayed in the condo my youngest tiny pup would pee in the same spot. I tried many times to clean it myself & use the enzyme that eliminates urine. The youngest pup would sneak & pee. After Oxifresh cleaned, all is good.

Their pricing is fair (not highest, not lowest).

Tell your management company to call in a cleaning company that specializes in cleaning pet stains and pay them for it. Definitely have the management company try to get reimbursement from the pet owner, but don’t expect anything. Evaluate the cleaning costs and determine if you can afford to occasionally pay for things like this. If not, consider not accepting pets because, in general, you are unlikely to be reimbursed for pet damages. Airbnb will never cover pet damage from their “Host Guarantee” and even if you specify a cleaning/damage deposit, you can only get reimbursement if the guest agrees to pay.

BTW, I’m curious how the very nice couple knew that the dog of your recent guests made the mess in the common area and not some other dog.

I had my first guests back post lockdown and my dog had pooped on the carpet. Twice. I had noticed the first one and cleaned it up but didn’t think to check the other rooms. I hadn’t taken him out that morning due to a massive storm (and he has access to an outside area anyway). Guest contacted me to say she had trodden in it and didn’t want me to think it was her dog. Then rolled up the carpet and left it outside which I had to move to the garage in my wheelchair. They seemed okay about it, haven’t left a review. Their dog yapped a fair bit but didn’t bother me as I have noise cancelling headphones now and they left the dog home alone for “2 hours”, with my permission, to go out for a meal and were away for 4 hours. The thing is my dog is the sort which will only pee or poop inside if he smells another dog has done it on the spot before and I had the carpets cleaned recently. Except for that one anxiety prone guest and her emotional support poodle. So I’ll blame her. It’s always someone else’s dog’s fault.

I once rented in a building where you were required to carry dogs in public areas. One tenant patrolled relentlessly looking for dog hairs to prove some people were letting their dog walk on the stone floor.

Obviously no one could live there with anything but a carryable size dog.

I was wondering the same thing.

What’s obvious?

New York made a law that dogs couldn’t be on the subway unless they were carried in a bag or other container. Didn’t stop anyone :wink:


Interesting. Any photos of a 5’4", 100 pound woman carrying her 70 pound dog? :rofl:

I don’t see why not. Women who ride the subway carry heavy things everyday. Besides, I think the rule is “in a bag” not “carried” I guess.


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Here’s a nice outline of collecting your own security deposit that was posted on the Washington DC Host Club facebook page:


Great link! That’s approach is clever but it has a lot of pitfalls. Besides the tedious manual process of using the resolution center, the main problem is that you can’t start the process until after a guest books. That means hosts have to deal with the situations where guests didn’t see their house rule or intentionally ignored it, and then deal with the inevitable cancellations or bad reviews that come from those situations. That doesn’t even include the the guests that don’t want to pay the deposit and just show up claiming they have an assistance animal. Still, it’s the best solution I’ve seen.