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Guest reviews-can they be trusted?


I agree with EllenN. You have set up people who follow the guidelines to fail, and your need for validation of your decision to cowtow to your specific idea of communication is detrimental to all hosts, who look to other hosts to set quality standards, so their interactions in this case can be part of the ‘record of events’

I suppose telling you that trolling and more specifically mocking someone’s sincere and direct comment to you by discussing their grammar is considered beyond rude in the world of online… altho now I see why you prefer not to write in the airbnb messages, as your snark and more specifically your condescension will turn a normally benign question or comment into confrontation.


I totally agree that grammar lessons should be left in the classroom. I’m a professional writer and editor myself but I don’t get paid to write well or properly on forums. :rofl: That’s why you often see run on sentences from me. :joy:

Also You will never ever see me correcting grammar on a forum, even though I’ve worked as a copyeditor and proofreader in my day.

Let’s stick to the topics at hand or the ones that go off topic :rofl: and not correct each other’s grammar or spelling please. It’s obnoxious and condescending. It’s kind of a power trip by those who think they know it all. And sometimes when they give you their “corrections,” said corrections are not even correct.

It’s not just Chris2 above. Others do it too so let me take this chance to say Stop it. No more correcting grammar and spelling here.

Or I may have to add it to the OFFICIAL RULES, schoolmarm that I am. :rofl:


(Oh darn it! There goes the last of my fun.) … :persevere:


This is actually the worst!


Mea culpa…



I cannot tell a lie… :lying_face: …I have called out errors but-but-but…the few times I mentioned them is because I was trying to understand what the poster was trying (and failing) to communicate.

When a poster doesn’t use capital letters or periods to end a sentence, or use proper spelling for words that are sound-alike but are spelled and mean differently (their, there, they’re; your, you’re; advise, advice, etc.), it drives me bonkers because I have to keep re-reading everything to understand.

By the same token, I have never mention errors of those for whom English is not their first language…never. I love their phonetic attempts and I usually understand what they are conveying.

I admit, I have called out posters if their writing is incoherent or if they are ranting or ragging on other posters…but I promise to exercise restraint and not do so in the future. … :pensive: I am duly chastised.


No no… !!! This is not what I mean…

I mean spelling corrections, such as someone recently correcting storey to story…or vice versa.

Or someone trying to deem something a run on sentence …

If something is completely incoherent, they deserve to be called out. That’s different than obnoxious little nitpicking of spelling, grammar or usage.


I wonder why people do this. I have had it done to me on this forum and I wasn’t amused. I don’t type perfectly on forums or on the internet. For clients who are paying I DO. For everyone else, no. :laughing::laughing::rofl::rofl::rofl::grimacing:


I don’t really know why people (ahem) :innocent: …make it known when they see errors in print, but wait…let me put my psychoanalyst cap on.

Okay, got it.

Maybe it’s because they are very “visual” and immediately see “what’s wrong with this picture.” They can find Waldo in an instant or pick out the dog with one ear amongst a drawing of 100 dogs… :nerd_face:

Maybe they also have a touch of OCD and just have to point errors out in order for everything “to be right in the world.” … :crazy_face:

Maybe they don’t like the author and are looking for a chink in the armor… :angry:

Who knows. People are strange and have quirks but basically, we’re harmless. … :upside_down_face:


Those who point out grammatical mistakes and spelling errors in posts on the forum perhaps glean a false sense of superiority from their arrogant, graceless pedantry.

Recently, someone wrote a comment on another thread suggesting a guest’s negative review was of no consequence because of the spelling errors included within.

And we wish for a tolerant, peaceful world?


How kind of you.

I have admitted some culpability of being one of those who has mentioned posters’ errors…but of course, you knew that.

I have also set forth possible reasons for my doing so…and of course you knew that also.

Most importantly, I have declared or at least stated my intent to restrain from doing so again in the future.

Again, you knew that.

So why do you feel it necessary to spew some vile comments and epithets about the character of “those” who do that, when you are obviously and pointedly writing about me?

Totally unnecessary and offensive…and very small of you.


What’s interesting about some of those who are self appointed copyeditors (not meaning Sandy because I know she isn’t trying to show anyone up) is that they never ever do copyediting professionally for a living. Some might be frustrated copyeditors, others could be frustrated English teachers wielding red pens (I’ve had clients like this) but many are under the mistaken impression that they are improving the world of print for the rest of us uneducated peons with their unsolicited corrections.

Unless you are hired to copyedit or hired to teach… PLEASE leave your red pens at home!

I have had clients that cannot wait to get a red pen and scratch through everything I submit, because …ahem… they know much more about how to write than a me, a seasoned, senior professional. Start a sentence with a conjunction!!! Shocking! One sentence paragraph? not allowed! Sentence fragment? Call the cops!!!

Super irritating, but I have my own strategy for dealing with those sorts of people, also known as the clients from hell.

I post with a lot of typos here myself because I am on a flipping iPad and it loves to autocorrect. Major Disclaimer!


Mark Twain once had an answer to those grammar police, who apparently were active in his day as well.

“Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put!”


Thanks, kona, and I love that Mark Twain quote.

Actually, in the early years I was an assistant editor in a law book publishing company in Charlottesville. I was the only female raised to that rank and was given a blue marking pencil as my sword for two years.

I am not infallible in my own writings and often spot my spelling and grammar errors when it’s too late. (I’m good at cringing!)

There is no reason to call out mistakes on a forum - and I won’t.


I actually do get paid to edit, and therefore am sick of it by the time I get on a forum, and don’t want to do it here!

Supposedly it was Churchill who said that about up with which I will not put. I say supposedly because the many sites that quote him don’t reference where he originally supposedly said it.


Hahahaha, I stand corrected! It was Churchill! :laughing::laughing::laughing::rofl::clap: