Guest requesting full refund

Help please. I have been hosting for 6 months. I had a difficult guest stay recently (I am a live out host). She arrived and immediately stated she had burnt herself using the oven gloves. I have 2 Airbnb rooms and 3 permanent tenants (all well detailed in the description). The oven gloves she used belonged to one of the tenants and the new ones I had put in the kitchen were in a drawer. There was a tiny hole in one side of the glove. I was away on holiday at the time. I asked a tenant to check them and she said it was tiny and she thought that they were fine to use but she still swapped them round and threw the old pair out. I heard nothing more from the guest.

Once she had left after leaving a 2 star review she requested her money back. I make it clear that use of anything in the kitchen is entirely at the guest own risk.

I spoke to Airbnb about this and they told me to do nothing.

Her review was totally inaccurate and malicious and I have reported it. What would you recommend re the refund. She has sent me a stock internet image of a mans hand with burns all over (not possible from a small hole in an oven glove) and is staying she can’t work any
More due to the burn.

I had a gut instinct she would be trouble.


oh blimey, nightmare. I suspect all will be fine, can you see any of her reviews she’s left in the past, if any? The fact that she has sent stock images of injuries (injuries to the wrong gender!) is a good thing, I suspect she’ll crumble at the first bit of firm defence against her claim


I can’t see any previous reviews as this is only her second time as a guest. I have nothing to gain from a refund as she has already left a horrible review which is totally contradictory to all the others. I really don’t know what to do. There is no point in replying to her as it is she said he said type of thing.

I would block her. I don’t think there is anything you can do.


I agree block her, any refund would be an admission you did something wrong. Which you didn’t.


How do you block someone? I didn’t know you could do that.

NO REFUND! Do not communicate with this person – period. Exactly what Air said. One bad review is no big deal. This person has no legal recourse – “at your own risk” was stated, Do not take calls, answer emails or Air system emails, or text messages from her.

The only thing is, I suppose you should have kept the Holey glove as evidence…


She sounds like a nasty b****. I wish you could get the stain of her review removed.
Personally I only allow light use of my kitchen in the evenings e.g. microwave. Plenty of Airbnbs don’t allow kitchen use. I have a gas range and I just don’t think it’s safe judging by the idiotic things some guests do. (I just had someone continually trip my RCD by dousing the iron in water in the sink. I had to remind the guest - a graduate engineer - that water and electricity don’t mix.) Also if they blew the house up are you especially insured? I reckon Airbnb would dodge the bullet.

yes I realized as soon as I had been to the house to check it all out that it would have been a good idea to keep it. I was so concerned with my other guests having everything perfect.

My issue is I have tenants and they use the kitchen all the time. Also, I don’t exactly charge a lot despite the place having been interior designed. I charge £35 per night and you would think she thought she was booking the Ritz :see_no_evil:

I would definitely not refund her. She has already attempted to damage your reputation, why play into her crazy? I would contact ABB about removing the review and stars. If they don’t, try their Twitter and Facebook. It worked for me once (although I hear that is hit or miss). And report/flag her account should then allow you to block her.


Hello @Wicket100@Wicket100…


Let Airbnb handle it. they have a legal dept. If you refund her, it would be like admitting quilt.

That is above and beyond sending a fake picture of a burned hand. How crazy! I agree with the others, don’t respond to her anymore and definitely no refund .

These are the types of guests who need to be banned from ever being able to use Airbnb. Scammers. Horrible. So sorry that happened to you.