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Guest request> he has 3 nice and one awful review

“K spent some time at The Manor for a mountain getaway. He and his friends absolutely destroyed the house. Do not host this group.”

The other reviews are nice but 3 years old.

In my reply to his request, I wrote: You know, I often accept guests with zero reviews, but you might need to explain this hosts statement about you.

I might decline, ‘uncomfortable with this guest’.

He wants to come with gf, probably nothing crazy compared to that huge house that hosts 12. I also will change the date to 2 night minimum as I am opening the following day.

I wouldn’t host anyone who had a review saying he and his friends destroyed the house, even if he’s only coming with his gf. (So he says.)


2 guests for a place that sleeps 12…? Grill him on guest numbers!


Gypsy’s place only has room for two. The place that was trashed was for 12. He may not have been the one that trashed it. Then again I’d love to turn him down. There need to be consequences for undesirable behavior. Save the place for guests who will treat the place with respect.


I would decline.

Even if his friends trashed the place they could have made it right with that Host and therefore he wouldn’t have had such a bad review.


He withdrew his request and I have changed it to be a 2 day required booking.


I wouldn’t host this guest if i saw that review


I’m surprised you didn’t simply decline it as soon as it arrived. The fact he was party to (:wink:) another hosts place getting trashed is enough, irrespective of who did the damage.



You get bad review - guest deselcts you
Guest gets bad review - you deselect guest

It is a high risk business


I would decline that booking. “Destroyed the house” is enough to make me scream in horror LOL


I would not request an explanation. For a host to leave that type of review is more than sufficient.
The warning is clear .


THREE KEY WORDS: Do not host


I have never had a guest book with a review that bad, I am on IB with no requirements, no ID no reviews no nothing. I did get a guest who clearly pissed off a host in France, bothered the neighbors somehow.

When they arrived I saw them and said hello. Oh and by the way, whatever you did in France don;'t do that here. They looked at each other like oh no… They were great guests and earned a good review from me.



Yes, decline. But also glad you made it two night minimum. I think that’s extremely important to keep the parties out. It’s not 100%, but it deters enough.


I just had a conversation with a very nice young man (late 20s) He helps me clean my daughter’s AirBnB. He is very respectful and also rents from her in the suite in the house where the AirBnB is. He just told me yesterday about a crazy horrible review he got from a Host last year and that none of it was true. He was shocked at the allegations and could not figure out what the Host was going on about.
So the old 2 sides to every story - or 3 sides adage comes in to play.
I would have done a little vetting then made a decision.

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Absolutely. And I know this is a host forum but I know there are bad hosts and I don’t doubt that some of them post here. Hosts who say “my account was suspended and I have no idea why” may or may not be telling the truth. Hosts who say “I’m great, I have 500 5 star reviews” may also be lying. :wink:


Obviously he didn’t want to confer with me/ be vetted on the subject of the bad review. Obviously his gf can book and I would confirm.


I am surprised you allow 1 nighters @gypsy !

I imagine you would stay booked with a 2 night minimum


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Yep, there are lying, scamming, or overly fussy hosts, just as there are guests. If I see a bad review, for either a host or a guest, I cross reference to see if that person has a history of leaving those kinds of reviews. As long as there are an ample number of reviews to get an idea, you can usually tell who is telling the truth.

A host who has upwards of 40 reviews and has reviewed all but one guest nicely isn’t likely to be making anything up or exaggerating.

I had a lovely guest who told me she got a bad review from a host who complained that the guest overused the kitchen. Yet the host advertised full kitchen use without restrictions. My guest said “Why didn’t she just say something at the time? If she felt I was in the kitchen too much, and wanted me to only use it at certain times, I would have respected that. Instead she slammed me in the review.”

I think some hosts, particularly home-share hosts, refrain from just straightforwardly telling guests if they are doing something annoying, either because they shy away from confronting things head-on or are terrified of a bad review, then trash the guest in the review, which to me is really unfair to the guest and cowardly.

If hosts want to be given the opportunity to correct something the guest finds amiss, they have to be willing to afford guests the same respect.


Our 1st year we had one night anytime. Now we have one night Mon-Thurs. We are just starting up again and have 20% one nighters so far.
We just got a notice from our power company they are shutting power off here right when guest is here… 9pm to 5am. :rage:

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