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Guest refuses to answer request for ETA - Ideas on how to handle?


Yes, after we warned her that’s when she finally text our Concierge back. But just to say sorry. And then she disappeared again until we had to have Airbnb call, who also failed to reach her. Then she called us the day before check-in, she sounded high to be honest. Definitely don’t let this guest make you feel like their behavior is normal because it most certainly isn’t.


Thank you for that. It helps. Hopefully it will all work out for everyone involved.


Great news. You have an ETA. That’s why I suggested you call Airbnb they normally have a number for guests that isn’t shared with us.

It’s irrelevant that the guest didn’t charge the phone last night you gave him four chances to give you an ETA. And he had all today to charge it.


My thoughts exactly but am keeping buttoned for now. Of course, it will make me much more ‘aware’ of the behavior after they arrive,lol!

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I doubt he knows how close (5 mn) he came to being cancelled!

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It sounds like it would be worthwhile to look into ways to create a self-check-in. As a traveler, I understand how hard it can be to estimate an arrival time when I don’t know if my plane will be on time, how long the car rental line will be, what the traffic will be like, etc. I don’t want to have to rush and arrive feeling frantic. If my partner sees a billboard advertising World’s Best Pie on the way, and checks the reviews online and discovers it probably really is the world’s best pie, I don’t want to miss my one and only chance to have a slice because someone’s standing on the porch tapping their foot and looking at their watch.

I say this because I always give a very good estimate of my arrival time and I always make it on time because I’m considerate and never late to anything, but I do sometimes have pangs of regret about missed opportunities and feeling rushed, instead of enjoying my trip as much as I could, especially if it’s a place I’ll never get to return to.

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I can understand that doing so would make it easier on me and on a guest. However, my property can’t be made a self check in. First of all, I live on the farm and it is gated. Can’t be make auto gated due to the slope of the drive. Secondly, the cabin is waay too quirky for someone to just come in and understand it’s uniqueness. And because it is a repurposed farm building, that is unavoidable, and quite frankly, part of the charm. As well as being on a farm, there are things a guest has to be made aware of in person, because often people do NOT read! My animals, farm life etc is a joy to share, however, it all requires personal introduction. Staying here is an entire ‘experience’ if you will, kind of like those farm stays of yesterday, that are now called ‘airbnb experiences’, lol!
Even with a self check in, I would find it rude to NOT respond to an owner’s request for SOME idea of arrival time. It’s one reason why we have check in windows, even if self check in.
I totally get about not knowing about the plane arrival issues, or wanting to stop on the way if you see something interesting. It ONLY takes a quick text to apprise the host of this change. As I make my guests well aware. It’s why I tell them to just keep me informed IF something comes up that changes their estimated arrival times. And I will work with them as much as possible (without being doormat for inconsiderate behavior). But he was asked four times and avoided any kind of an answer…That’s rude, or some need to feel in control.
I have found that the vast majority get that is necessary to make an arrival time ahead, so that the host (most of whom do not do this for a living) can plan their day, and make sure everything is ready for that arrival time. It will be interesting to see if this young man and his lady friend are much more respectful ( or understanding perhaps) than his behavior so far has indicated.


That’s a great way of putting it. When I arrange self check in for guests (I only meet and greet up to 6 pm because I value my evenings) I tell them beforehand that they’ve no need to worry about traffic delays or if they see a great place to stop to eat. :slight_smile:

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There you go, it is about control. Some people have no control in their own lives and try and exert it where they can. Like the person who waives everyone through the intersection without regard to rules of the road or the person behind them. Control.



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People will treat all Airbnb’s like they treat everything else in their lives…with respect or without respect. Even though they booked a private residence with specified rules, they still expect the service of a staffed hotel. What other rules are they going to ignore?


While I don’t condone no communication at all regarding an ETA, personally I don’t have a real good grasp when I will arrive somewhere on a road trip. I’m pretty disorganized about trip prep and don’t know when I can untangle myself from leaving the cats and the house in good order, getting a rental car/truck and hitting the road with the pup. This has given me a lot more empathy for guests who think they might arrive say between 7 and midnight.


I have had guest reluctant to give me an eta and so now I have a preset message to send early the week of the reservation. It states that i will need an arrival time 48 hrs before check in (which Airbnb also requests they do) and that I will send more detailed information to help find us easier. If I don’t hear from them I send another saying, I want to make sure I am here to let you in when you arrive.


We took our farm stay off Airbnb for this reason. Off grid solar electricity. Had to meet at certain times and explain. So happy not to list especially since hubby has built an outdoor wood fired bath house. We just BnB our granny flat now


Sorry to hear that… I really been happy with the way things have been working out. This is just a minor issue that has only come up once or twice before, and not quite this severe. But it turns out this couple is very very nice so far. And they are keeping in touch very well now that I told them that communication is a huge deal for me. Funny about that!


Glad they are responding as you like!

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