Guest questions pricing

I feel like this was recently discussed, but can’t seem to find where so I’m asking here. I have been using smartpricing on some dates and overriding others. I had my minimum set to $90 and a weekend price of $100, which displayed in my listing. I just had a guest instant book for April 7-9, which was set at $110 a night. I sent her my standard “thanks for booking, we’ll be in touch closer to the date, let me know if you have any questions” response. She then asked about the pricing because she said she saw $90 when she originally searched and saw the $100 weekend price, but when she booked got a third price of $110 a night. I tried to explain dynamic pricing, etc., and actually unchecked the box for weekend pricing, but my question is, should I just adjust the price down to $100 per night for goodwill?

I wouldn’t. There are ample ways that this guest would have seen the actual price for those nights before booking.


Air displays your base price when a guest does a search without specific dates.
I see no reason to offer a discount. Price for her dates was visible before she paid. Everybody knows that in the tourism industry prices vary each day, or even each hour.

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And this is why I hate that people can see a base rate.

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Did she happent to mention why she booked at the $110 rate and didn’t question it beforehand?

Is she saying she didn’t think to review the final pricing breakdown?

This is what she said, "I do have a question about the rate as I am seeing it listed differently in different locations. The original picture ad shows $90/night, the home’s description lists $100/weekend night, yet the booking detail shows $110 a night. Does an adjustment need to be made somewhere?"
Then after explaining she sent this, “Thank you for the explanation, Arlene. Before booking I did see the final rate so it wasn’t a surprise but it does leave one with an odd feeling that all was not what it seemed. The place looks really peaceful and inviting. Can’t wait to see those morning views!”

I wish it said from" $xxx or something like that. Thanks for all the replies. I tend to be a “bend over backwards for people” kind of person, but I feel that our place is a good value at the price she paid so I’m not lowering it. I just hope she doesn’t nitpick about everything now. While it does have an amazing view, the building is older (clearly stated in the description) and the unit isn’t fancy.

True, she went ahead and instant booked knowing the rate without questioning it so no discount.

Same thing happens when I buy air line tickets.

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I believe you made the right choice. In fact, I’ve found that people who successfully bargain tend to nitpick.

When I was a newer host, I had a guest pull that stunt on me. She accused me of bait and switch and called me dishonest. She had already booked and I didn’t think I could cancel without penalty. I gave her a refund and still worried she’d leave me a bad review. She stayed, was pleasant enough while she was here, and left a great review, so it worked out okay.

Now that I know more, I wouldn’t let a guest bully me like that again.