Guest posted horrible TikTok of wrong place & guest catches pool on fire

Worth the read

Take aways:
Lock up fuel
People can be foolish

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I can’t imagine why there’d be fuel on the property in the first place but I should definitely start keeping our apartment cleaner :flushed:


Lawnmower I guess………

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Oh, of course. That makes sense. We’ve had a battery-powered one for a long time.

I think guest firepits (as well as fireplaces that use wood) are a terrible idea, unless the host lives onsite. More people don’t know how to build a fire, than do. What idiots, pouring gas on it. They’re lucky they didn’t end up in the hospital. And I’ve read several accounts of guests trying to make a fire in a fireplace, without opening the flue, despite clear instructions, filling the house with smoke.

At least those articles were about clueless guests instead of bad hosts, although that host should never have left a gas can full of gas where the guests could access it.

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this happened to us recently, and she tried to blame it on the wood and the fireplace, and i’m thinking “nah, you had the flue closed, did you read the instructions?” lol.


Backup generator at our house and no gas stations nearby.

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I didn’t think of that either!

As a disabled host, that link in the article where AirBnB tells an Irish host to issue a refund to guests who were uncomfortable with her accessibility doorbell.

'In a series of follow-up posts, Jade said she was told to “hide my disability better”, that the issue concerned her flashing accessible doorbell, and that Airbnb had given her two options in an attempt to resolve the problem.

“Option one: to no longer be disabled, no longer use a disability doorbell … or, option two is to refund the guests completely, let them stay here for free and sincerely apologise for my disability doorbell."’

Anyone tried something on that level with me, I wouldn’t take it well and immediately cancel the reservation, escort them off the property and refund their money. Guess Ireland doesn’t have the equivalent of the ADA. I feel very bad for her for having to put up with that crap.


It’s truly outrageous. Especially considering that Airbnb has a big post front and center on their forum Updates section on how to practice inclusivity and try to accommodate disabilities. I guess it’s only guests who aren’t supposed to be discriminated against.

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