Guest Perfume Smells = Headache and a My Bad! (Anyone else put something out that you don't like?)

So I’ve been wondering why guests have been using a similar scent or body lotion during their visits. It’s been setting off my allergies and I find it off-putting.

So I took one of the partially used bars of soap and put it in my kitchen. Low and behold, it’s the Bergman Kelly products that I ordered from Amazon.

It’s supposed to be white tea and low scent. I can’t stand it.

Anyone have any thoughts on single use products that don’t smell floral? And don’t ask me to put in pumps - I have hand soap and lotion in big containers on the sink. I’m renovating the bathroom this year and then will put in those wall pumps.

I’ve ordered a honey chamomile soap and hope it’s nicer smelling.


I’m sorry I can’t offer a solution, as I only use re-fillable pump bottles.

But I had to laugh at “ guest perfume smells”, as I was in the same predicament and “blamed” one guest for a perfume smell that lasted weeks. Did all the appropriate things: washing and rewashing, vinegared walls & floors, burned sage between guest stays… drove me and my husband nuts. Although the guests who noticed it all politely said it was pleasant. :slight_smile:

Long story short, my husband had dug out and replenished the empty detergent canister with a cheap detergent I had totally forgotten about, and that I’d stopped using…yep! - because of the lingering odor! One last wash - in our regular detergent - et voila! Smell gone.


Look for scents like “sea breeze” or “linen”. Camomile has floral aroma too

I like the smell of chamomile, it’s not rose based so I don’t get a migraine.

What is it with the cheap detergents and that smell? It’s awful!!

Profit, with companies cheapening what were good products, and people on low incomes trying to get by, with dignity, falling for it. No offence meant.

Or, as a Persian old school friend, who lives in LA once wrote, “Prophet”! We all assumed he was a Muslim, but in fact he was of the Bahi’a faith.


I bought the same ones from Amazon and they were hideous! I opted for small, full bars of unscented soaps, generic or whatever is on sale.

No offence taken. I am always amazed that the stuff I’ll get from Dollar General (don’t judge! :wink: ) smells like a cheap motel in Baja :face_vomiting: blech

As a person with a fragrance allergy you should look for products that are fragrance free (NOT unscented). I’m actually allergic to the most common scent they use in unscented products. (Balsam of Peru) it’s used to mask other scents.

Just go to Amazon and google fragrance free. There are a lot of products now available.

Must be the equivalent of out Poundland Stores that filled up the old Woolworth’s sites when they went bust.

Another cheapo over here is “SuperSavers”, where I buy all my cleaning supplies, but it so pisses me off when the one you are used to / pleased with suddenly get degraded. like shower glass daily spray cleaners for example. Then the same Co brings out a “Platinum” version at twice the price. Essentially it’s the same product as the old one before degradation.

Woolworth’s in NZ is a step up from Dollar General. :wink:

Local Chinese owned bazaar for me. Problem is, I always end up buying stuff I don’t really need in the 1,000m2 of tat!

@Joan we’ve just had Poundland open up here. Went last week and managed to spend over €40 on complete crap. Lots of UK goodies though :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m well-known as a soap snob since I make the stuff myself, and I advise you to look at the ingredients listing on the packaging. If you are actually allergic to the scent rather than sensitive you can check the very last things on the list which will say things like linalool, eugenol, citronellal etc. These are the most common allergens in essential and fragrance (synthetic) oils. The reason it’s difficult to find unscented soap is that soap itself has a smell which isn’t, quite honestly, very nice!
If you’d really like to wow your guests you could do what my boutique hotel clients do, find a local soapmaker who will make it to your specification and basically co their regular bars into 2 or 3 pieces to make guest soaps. Don’t have them wrapped but print your own paper band to go round them with your listing name and logo.
Sorry for the essay … never get me started talking about soap!


Yes, we do love our “chinos” here! But Poundland! Ooh, I see a little trip to Jerez looming! I do love me a bit of cheap tat!

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My apologies for the overabundance of exclamation marks (!)

Baby soap is usually fragrance free and hypoallergenic. I found some travel-size bars of baby soap for about 30 cents each and that’s what I put out for guests.

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I can only hope that The Range doesn’t open near you then; you’ll be bankrupt!!!

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