Guest partial cancellation

We have strict cancellation policy. We had one guest cancel the whole trip in which I see we got 50% of that reservation back.
However, how do we handle a partial reservation cancellation… Their plans changed and cannot come until 2 days later. I do not see the 50% in the payout amount. Do I request that from them directly?

Airbnb only calculates the refund when a guest is cancelling completely. When doing a reservation modification, you’ll need to calculate it yourself and enter that in the modified reservation (using the “change reservation”).

To explain a little more…
Typically a guest will message me that they’ll arrive two days later. I’d let them know that I can refund 50% of those dates now and the rest if I can re-book those dates.

Then I’d use the “change reservation” link you’ll see on the left of the reservation screen. That opens up a box where you can modify the dates and total cost.

I change the dates (so those they’re cancelling will be open in my calendar) then I reduce the total payout by 50% of those 2 nights. (i.e. If I charge $100/night and the original 5-day stay was $500, the new charge is $400 ($300 for nights they’re keeping + $50 x2 cancelled nights.)


Is it too late for me to modify if they changed the reservation themselves?

I mean, you could modify it again, but at the risk of pissing off the guest. Unless it’s a lot of money, I’d take it as a lesson learned for next time.

She knows there was to be a 50% “penalty”. It is a week we could have booked full and it is less than 14 days away so it is a bit of a loss with them cutting out 2 days.

You handle it by doing nothing. Do not accept a reservation change it is never in your interest. If they come two days late then thats is on them.