Guest parading my property as his own on Facebook

This guest was at my property for 2 weeks with his supposed girlfriend. I had a great review from them and they were pleased with the service and even offered to keep in touch so we exchanged numbers.
Recently, I noticed Facebook has been bringing the guy up as suggested friend (because I have his contact in my phone). Out of curiosity I decided to check his page and realized lots of pictures of him from his last visit and with comments indicating he recently bought the house.
He even went has far as captioning one of the pic of the main view as “my new crib, it’s worth the wait”. You need to see the thousands of likes and congratulatory messages for his new acquisition :smiley:.
I am not sure if I should burst his bubbles or just allow him enjoy his fake life.

Sorry, can’t stand liars!
Had an employee that gave notice… put it out far and wide that he HAD to be bought out of the partnership… can’t do that in a small town…!

I would let the poor kid have it. Once friends come over and see that his new crib isn’t anywhere to be seen, they’ll figure it out themselves.

TBH, most bullshitters are pretty transparent and people notice quickly when things don’t add up.

You could post a message thanking him for helping to promote your Airbnb rental. You’re glad he enjoyed his time there. You still own it and have it listed as available for rental.

Let his friends put 2&2 together then call him out.


I would let it go. He’s mentally imbalanced and if you burst his bubble, he knows where you live. If he’s nuts he can do real damage to your home. Let it go, it’s not worth it.

I would not let him come back, though. Chances are he would throw a “housewarming” party at “his” new home!

Don’t burst his bubble. I dont think you can if you are not friends on FB. Just report him to Airbnb and Facebook, so both platform would deactivate his accounts.


Yeah, let it go, @Temitope_Bandele . But thanks for posting. It’s a funny story.


I agree. He’s likely to bring friends and start treating it like his home and not your home.