Guest not locking front door

I don’t get it:

We’ve had a few guest’s, including our current, that just don’t seem to understand the importance of locking the front door when they enter and leave the premises.

Our current guest just came home for the evening (it’s 10pm) and went to his room, turned on the TV, luckily I was awake and realized I didn’t hear him lock the door. I went downstairs to check and sure enough, FRONT DOOR UNLOCKED. I would consider this a fluke, but he’s done it a few other times.

I don’t get it, I tell people upon meeting, “lock up when you come & go.” I just don’t know why it’s not known that when you enter and leave a person’s home, you are to lock their door. We live in Metro Denver, our neighborhood isn’t terrible, but I will always make sure the main doors are locked.

I guess I’ll just add it to the listing and house booklet?
Next I’ll add how to use the toilet, I suppose…

They might be used to self locking locks which are pretty much the norm outside of the USA I’ve found. I’m not sure of the name of them in the US but they’re deadlocks which automatically lock when you close th door.


We do have self locking locks in the U.S. I’ve known many people who locked themselves out when they forgot to change the lock from self locking or bring their key when they went out to get the mail or paper or take out the trash.

I’ve found that locking doors when you’re home is yet another practice that varies from person to person. My husband’s mother thinks it’s very strange that we lock our doors when we’re home. She believes that front door locks are to protect your stuff when you’re away. Personally, I believe that the only things of real value are those that are alive, people and animals.


Oh yeah I know they are here in the USA … I guess they are just not as common in the area I currently live in.

I don’t have a self locking door :slight_smile:

My door is mortice only which I initially found very odd but when I called a locksmith to get the other type of lock fitted he said they’re easier to pick and you can lock yourself out easily.

So I still just have a mortice. I too find that guests often don’t lock it but it’s not really an issue in my place. I check just before bed it’s one of my nightly chores.

Most people are used to a self locking type door, as this is the modern standard.

Also is a key required for locking the door?
If yes, you should change your doorlock to a self locking type or a type that does not require a key.
Locking a front door is a big safety issue when you have guests, because you are locking an escape route.

Commercial properties have a lot of safety regulations, this is one of them.

How so? Doors open from the inside. I must be missing something.

In case of emergency a guest should be able to open the door without needing to search for a key.
In some places they still use doors that are always open, and require a key to be locked.

We as a commercial property even have to take it a step further and had to put a panic bar on our front door.

Yes my lock is one of those that doesn’t open from the inside or the outside without a key. However at night I leave the key in the lock and during the day the door is usually open …

I’m surprised at your advice @Chris because it’s the exact opposite of what the Locksmith told me .

Your locksmith’s advice is from a private / security point of view.

My advice is from a guest safety point of view.

Surely I’m at as much risk from not getting out the flat in an emergency? In any case you raise some interesting points… the fact that I keep the key in the door overnight and a second on the dresser next to the door means I’m not overly worried but good to keep these risk in mind.

The difference is that you live there, you know where the key is, and where the spare key is, and how to open the lock.

A guests is unfamiliar with your house, for some coincidence the key might not be in the lock and they do not know where to find the spare key. Or in case of a panic, when 4 or 5 people are pushing to get out, it will be hard to turn the lock.

I am required to have a system like this on my front door. So in case of a panic, people can get out.

It is always good to have a look at your escape route, and how guests see it.

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Also a big difference between my property and private homes, is that my front door is required to open to the outside.

I grew up in a house where we didn’t lock our doors. My parents still don’t lock their doors.

My current house has a self-locking front door.

Have you gone through what’s required with him?

I leave the key IN the lock. There’s no situation where they won’t be able to find it :slight_smile:

But yes I live here and in the case of an emergency can also get everyone out. You’re right it would be different of the guests were here on their own.

I understand that there are different locks in different homes, code, currently does not require a specific lock. That said, when I use Airbnb as a guest (even previous to hosting) I took their home seriously and took time to understand my responsibilities.

I really don’t see “he might be used to…” as an excuse. Someone who can’t understand a lock and key, but is able to use the Airbnb platform is just used to his mom locking the door for him, imo.

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I would never have thought to lock a door when I am in !

@Amber0517, habits are difficult to change, I think that indeed he is not used to lock his door. For instance I know the elevator in my building has been out of order for a few days and each time I go out I push the elevator button because that’s what I am used too :grin:, there’s a part of my brain that just won’t get it.


Even if it’s 11pm and you’re going to bed?? haha. I mean I definitely lock my doors before bed, no matter what. And he had to unlock the door to get in.

But do you have a door that locks behind you even if you don’t turn they key ? Or locks if you go out of the door. Most have two locks on their doors one being the mortice the other usually a Yale.

Still from what I remember of locks in Paris they’re like mine; you have to turn them to lock the door.

I don’t lock my door when I’m home, and I don’t do it as a guest.
Locked doors are for vacant enclosures…

I’ve even disabled auto door locking on my car. If I’m in it, it doesn’t need to be locked.
I guarantee you there are a billion+ people raised the same way.

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