Guest not checked-in yet?

I am expecting a young German couple to arrive any moment. Asked twice what time they will arrive. “About 6pm” I was told. I told him where the key box is if I was not home. It is 9pm, EST, and I am home and he has not responded to my text asking again what time. I said I go to sleep at 11pm. I do not want to leave the key in the box for him to enter while I am asleep. I did that last night for a Spanish couple who I had excellent communication with and felt secure. When someone goes silent like this, I di not feel OK with allowing middle of night entry.

What would you do?

I’ve had this issue. Most people arriving directly from the mainland to Hawaii come on late flights so it’s just part of my business burden that I stay up late to greet them, get their tax and review the guidelines. I’m a much happier camper if all of this is done when they arrive, even if it is late.

They might be silent because they are on their way. International travelers don’t usually have texting without extra cost.

Well doesn’t it just figure…5 minutes after posting it, they reply. ETA in 30 mins :no_mouth:


I’m heading with my son to DC to his senate internship on Monday, and the layover is Phoenix. Thank goodness I didn’t book flights with layovers in Chicago. Hoping for smooth weather all the way across the country …from Hawaii to Washington!!!

Hawaii is completely booked. No cars and no rooms anywhere at any price. Well except for me. I had a one night opening a couple nights ago… With several guests trying to book!! Even with a full night’s rental fee, cleaning, deposit, tax and Air’s fee, they were begging to book. I felt guilty taking their money… They had paid $250 total for less than 8 hours at my place!!!. But we’re very very happy with their short stay and very grateful. They said they would never travel to Hawaii in December again without booking first and will come back. I told them, next time call me directly!

This couple arrived at 9.45pm, departed at 10am. :slight_smile: And they were delightful. The sweetest guests ever so far. From Belgium, and they could not thank me enough for the cookies I left them, bottled water…etc. They said they’d give me 5 stars, I’d give them 500 stars. Wouldn’t it be nice if every guest could be this sweet?

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My location has had almost all late check ins since for the most parts I have had international travelers and they all seem to depart at 6 am on check out… I do have some national folks arriving soon so hopefully they will not be delayed.

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Lady I have had five guest give me gifts in this December stay. I am very happy so far but I did have a fuddy duddy that dinged me on the stars. first guest ,. hopefully that won’t happen again. I am excited for you good luck!

Thank you, Carmen :slight_smile: 5 gifts! How delightful. I, too, was a little dinged by my first guest, despite the fact he had fallen in love with me AND gave me a gift. LOL. He was an iraqi born lawyer, now US citizen working on DC with the state dept. 10 years younger than I, but he gushed over me like I was a piece of meat. Told him he was my first guest and he praised my home and my hosting, too. I even picked that turd up at the Metro rail station upon arrival.

He complimented and flirted with me no end, but left me 4 stars. All kind comments. but I wanted 5 stars, damn it. As a result, I will not marry him now :grin:

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Speaking of late check in’s - I just received a call from my Spanish guests from 2 days ago. I gave them my business card and said if they have any problems while in Miami to call me. Well, they’re on Miami Beach, about 30 mins away, and their host did not answer the door when they arrived. I don’t know what their check in time was due to be, but they asked if I had room for them. I have one other room that I rent full time but that tenant is out of the country for the holidays. So, I am giving them my room and I will sleep in the tenants rooms. I have a young Chinese couple in the bnb room so it’s a full house. I guess they will figure out tomorrow with bnb what to do with a refund and my payment. We did not discuss it cus its almost midnight. I am going on trust because they were delightful guests and as my other room isnt listed they cannot request it officially.

I can only imagine what it is like to be in a strange country and your lodging falls through. Oy!

This time of year you cannot leave lodging to chance. If you do that in Hawaii you will either pay through the nose or sleep in your rental car on the side of the road.

These delightful Spaniards were ripped off by a douche B* scammer. They found his BS site online, paid $300 for 2 nights on Miami beach and the dude never showed up to let them in. Never answered calls, nada. She showed me their email receipt, it was a BS hotmail account, she never even knew his name. His tel was a Google #. I left him a message saying I wanted to book but he hasnt called me back. I told her to report to the police and call Visa to file fraud charge. After she’d called me, they ran a red light and got a $277 ticket. Mama mia!

They were so grateful for my help, I fed them, and hooked them up for tonight with my ex husband, who has an airbnb room a few miles away. So, they paid me for one night (extra $$ for me) and my guests never even knew they were here. My ex gets to make a few bucks and we did a good thing by our fellow humans. We didn’t gouge them for the NYE holiday price either. Same price. It’s good to be a decent citizen of the world. Especially after the night they had.

Wow…was this a stand alone website?

Yes it was. Very amateurish. I would never trust it but then again, Im in the US and savvy to these kinds of turds. Imagine what a foreigner who has only the sun and beach in her mind. :frowning: