Guest nosebleed on £30 Marks & Spencer sheet

has offered to pay.
Option 1) I say “no, don’t worry, this is part of hosting, it was an accident” (and buy cheap in the future)
Option 2) I say “call it £10, and you can keep it if you like”

  1. Soak it in Vanish, Biotex or Napisan and the sheet will be as good as new. (Unless someone has set the stain).

Thankyou Jess…it soaked all night in vanish, laundered, soaked again, scrubbed, laundered…
The stain has gone a little paler! I actually asked the guest if it was a scorch, from her sons game station!
So, as far as guest rooms, sheet is a write off :frowning:
If only I could have got to it when wet

Yes indeed. Now you can try chlorine bleach (thin toilet bleach).

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I am no expert at all, but I think blood should never be touched by warm water only cold.


You are right, initially blood must be rinsed in cold water. Subsequently biological or oxygen cleaners can be used in warm water to soak the remainder of the stain out.
In this case it sounds like it was too late because the blood was allowed to dry on. We could ask guests to notify us straight away, but it doesn’t happen that often.

I am an expert in getting blood off sheets. I break all the rules and probably weaken the fabric but the stain usually disappears - even a dried one. Here goes …

I use hydrogen peroxide (6% or sometimes 10% if stain is bad - don’t know if the standard 3% will do it)
a pipette (or glass dropper)
a plastic washing up bowl
an old toothbrush
boiling water from kettle
rubber gloves

I stretch the sheet/whatever over the bowl an try to anchor it tightly. Then I drip the H2O2 over it and scrub libecause of allghtly with toothbrush. Pour water from the kettle over in a thin stream. Scrub again. Repeat till the stain goes. The rubber gloves are because H2O2 is dangerous and can burn.
So, if you prefer NOT to try this at home because of all the above warnings I would say that either of your options 1 or 2 are gracious and workable!

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And now have a look at Absolute Home Textiles. I recommend the Egyptian cotton/percale mix sheets… Can’t remember the thread count but cracking value for the bales on offer.

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Take the guests money – no need to be “nice”. Run down and buy cheap linens.