Guest misrepresented their plans (to get a discounted rate)

Great advice. She might try to “get back” the cost of having to pay for extra friends.


Oh you poor dear. This miserable guest is abusing you. I know you realize now that you gave her permission to do that, and you are older and wiser now, but I would definitely definitely call Air and tell them you are most uncomfortable with this guest and their actions, which have become hostile and you would like their help in getting them out. I don’t know your monetary situation but personally no amount of money in the world is worth the hostile takeover of a bad guest.


I would call Airbnb regardless just to tell them what’s going!

You host you learn! :slight_smile: You have to get comfortable with saying no to these people (and in life). I’ve had a few guests who wanted enormous discounts, I held my ground, they booked anyway, loved the place, and left a 5 star rating. A few guests brought extra visitors (which are typically charged at $15 each) and I’ve confronted them, they apologized, paid, and still left a 5 star review. Like another poster mentioned, stand your ground and they’ll respect you.

For what it’s worth, I’ve found that if you have the lowest price in that area for that time period, it would attract the type of people who would want to lower the price even further or try to game you. Higher quality guests don’t mind paying a bit more. Also, from my observations (I could be wrong), a higher price also ranks you higher in the searches (more commissions for everyone?) :wink:


I make deals with my guests on occasion, but I am very specific about it and I ask for the dates. I would just send a message via Airbnb “Hello, I’ve notice you and your child have stayed every night so far. Will you all be staying for the rest of the trip? If so I will send an adjustment rate for all 3 guests as our agreement was for only a partial stay. Please let me know if you have any questions!” I wouldn’t call Airbnb because having it in writing on the site is pretty much the same and if you get an idiot on the phone you will only get frustrated. The best way to yank Airbnb’s coat tail for help is to talk ONLY through messenger and be very precise about your deals/agreements and ask for money through the resolution center. Escalate when necessary and if things get really crazy message Airbnb through the twitter help account. I think it’s also worth noting that I don’t care about my reviews any more. I still have a 4ish star rating.


You’re welcome. So it did indeed precipitate number 1 on my list to go full frontal!! As others have said, you need to stand firm now and you will get more respect from them. Best of luck and do keep updated on things go.

So this may or may not be helpful but I noticed recently on this page of the Airbnb site it says conflictingly, 1st that children under two are not considered extra guests. But then later in the page it says 2nd that you should check with their host to see what their policy is on whether there is an extra fee for children and toddlers. So you could potentially use that to make your argument.

That’s probably the best attitude you can have about this sort of thing. :+1::+1::+1:

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