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Guest message me wanting to cancel then silence

If you keep surprising guests with demands for cash deposits, all it takes is ONE complaint from a guest to get you shut down for doing that. Air tells guests to never pay cash, and demanding a cash deposit violates your Terms Of Service and can result in cancellation of your account.

It appears that English is not your first language, but you need to read the AirBnB Terms of Service so that you understand what your agreement with AirBnB allows you to do.

And if you are getting a lot of problem guests, you need to try and figure out why that happens instead of charging guests illegal cash deposits.


So what not first language! Offence you?
and Why you think I need keep surprising guests! If we do this, we must get the approval from Guest before they arrived! we don’t have the power like Airbnb case manager, they can override your cancellation terms but all the host can’t!

@NordlingHouse is just trying to help you. So please do not take offense if we possibly think that English is not your first language. It seems that way to me also.

If we understand correctly and you have required guests to provide a separate deposit to you directly, it does violate airbnb terms and conditions. Other platforms may possibly allow it?

You would not want a guest that understands the violation to contact airbnb against you - it would be a good way to get permanently delisted.

disapproval others not only with ‘your native English’ but also with reason! Everything must do Decide according to circumstance, Don’t make judgments that others are stupid than you

@HAVY1994 - as you are more than likely aware, there are moderators at this site who can delete your messages, hide them and - in extreme cases - ban members so that they can no longer post here.

We hate to do the latter but, although it’s an extreme measure, we will do so if necessary.

Now I’m assuming that you read the FAQ before you started posting here in which case you are aware what sort of behaviour is acceptable here and the sort of behaviour that isn’t.

This forum, as well as having moderators, is also moderated by its members who kindly let us know when they find another person posting here who is not adhering to the FAQ. You only just joined but some members are finding your posts unacceptable already

We’re always happy to have new members join here and I’m sure that we all hope that you’ll be able to fit in and chat with us about the issues that matter to us all as hosts.

Thank you for understanding.

How could it be what you think!
Thanks for your long writing, and no problem I understand you, very commons!

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I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

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