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Guest lied on star review in retaliation for me saying No to cash for additional nights


I just posted a review for a guest that left 2 weeks ago and found that he left me 1, 2,and 3 stars for things that are 5 stars with every other guest. He was a bully and tried to intimidate me into letting him pay cash for an additional night. He wouldn’t take no for an answer and asked me every day, 3 times a day at least. I said no and contacted Airbnb support via phone and told them that I was unhappy with the guest for suggesting that and that he was breaking the rules and could get us both tossed on Airbnb for even suggesting it (he’s also a host in Rome and his wife admitted they take cash all the time). Now I have 4 star reviews and he lied. One other guest left me 4 stars on location and again, he wanted to pay cash.

What’s with all these men in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s being bullies? (cash payments, getting high in the house (he was 83) then walking around the block getting high (I live next door to the po-po, ugh), and then leaving crap reviews?

Should I have given them 1 star on everything?

I know you suggest not responding publicly to the bad star reviews, and that Airbnb probably won’t take his stars down, but I’m now in my slow season and am wondering if his review is the reason I’m not getting bookings and my neighbors are.

I really want to say "While you and your wife kept the home clean, you were constantly drunk (they stank of booze 24/7, I was afraid they’d do a face plant and hurt themselves), and you asked daily to stay additional days for cash and tried to bully me when I said no, so you left a crap review and lied. (I worked on a trading floor in the 80s in the bond business. Good luck with that…)

Honestly, what’s it going to take for Air to actually stop the petty retaliation of guests who suck?



I always suggest giving problem guests honest reviews. If someone repeatedly bullied me while staying I would absolutely slam them in the review, yes.

I think you know the answer to that question.

How do you know your neighbors are getting bookings?

Don’t respond.

They see guests as the customers. You can get pissed and leave but the neighbor who doesn’t let this stuff bother them will just take your bookings.

That said I would contact Airbnb and see if they might remove the review due to him trying to get you to pay cash. I’d also click on his profile and hit “report” (for offering cash) and if you can block him too

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Thanks, I tried and I think he blocked me. I can’t click on his profile.

As for the bullies, yes, I do know. I’ve worked in male-dominated industries all my life (finance and technology) and am often the only woman in the room during meetings. It’s why I wear 3" heels and stand at the head of the table! :sunglasses: It’s a stinky power play.

Calling Air because I am on record with them reporting him for the cash requests.

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I’m looking for the post where one of the hosts had the perfect response “gee you said my place was spotless when you were here, sorry you left such a bad review.”



Found it. @KKC how about this as a public response to his terse compliment followed by backstabbing on stars?

We were shocked by the guests low star reviews as the guest thanked us after vacating, stating how they had a five star experience owing to the location, cleanliness, and communication.…until they repeatedly asked to pay cash for an additional night and were repeatedly told “No,” and informed that it is against Airbnb policies, which as hosts they should know. We take pride in providing stellar accommodations, and will continue to strive for excellence. Thank you for visiting.

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Did you get a nasty written review? If not, don’t respond. If you feel you must respond:

“We always strive for a 5-star guest experience and encourage guests to bring up any issues during their stay, so we can address them right away. At the end of their stay, this guest seemed upset that they couldn’t pay cash for an extra night, which we simply couldn’t provide due to tax regulations and Airbnb rules.”

If you want to be a bit mean, say “this guest seemed upset that they couldn’t pay cash ‘under the table’ for an extra night,” etc.



I agree with dpfromva that if the review looks okay, don’t respond.

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@casailinglady did your guest suggest paying cash in a message or verbally? In the future, if someone suggests you take cash, ask them to propose it in writing so you will have evidence.
I think you need to reach out to Airbnb and explain the retaliatory basis of the bad review.
I just don’t understand why Airbnb doesn’t believe when hosts explain that the low rating is an outcome of some gripe when the host has previously gotten all 5 stars and now the guest is giving 1/2 stars/



I don’t quite understand how an adult person could be bullied and intimidated by a man asking to pay cash but he’s a previous guest now and he’s left his review so why waste time on thinking about it all?

Wait, this man was 83 or have I misread that?



Everyone has different personalities and takes things differently. What you or I might call being direct or blunt another night feel completely uncomfortable or bullied by. It can also be cultural sometimes. We (myself included) need to realize that regardless of how we feel, others may feel differently. Doesn’t make it right or wrong, just different.



Very true…

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She said he was 83.

If I tell someone no and they keep asking, that’s wrong. The word bullying is perhaps overused in general and misused here but at the least it was annoying AF. And if someone kept after me about my home after I’d told them no I might just cancel their reservation.

I want to know if this was the same doddering couple who broke the windows (previous post).



I know I’m probably going to get slammed for this but… how terribly bad would it have been if you’d just taken the cash? I’ve done that in the past and cannot see the problem at all. Airbnb is not my master - if the guest is ok and booked legitimately, why should we both give Air even more money? But if you felt bullied there’s no excuse and he’s a complete twat for leaving a bad review.

edit and thank you for teaching me a new word: po-po :open_mouth:



Me too. I suspect that a lot of experienced hosts do this. Airbnb is the advertising platform that puts host and guest in touch. Once they’ve done that, and received their fees for doing so, then that’s their job over.

Yep, I had to Google po-po. :slight_smile:

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