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Guest left 5 minutes after checking in saying it was too small and not good value


I hope Airbnb begins allowing us to drop one “out of ordinary” review soon. Maybe when discuss this review with Airbnb CS you can ask if they’ve implemented the change mentioned in the most recent superhost news letter of allowing one review to be dropped.

I’m weary of self-serving entitled people. I’m sorry you had to deal with one.


That wasn’t the case in this situation because she cancelled. When I phoned and asked how cancelling would affect the time I was told it was 14 days from the time she cancelled. But this wasn’t the case, it was exactly 15 days from when she cancelled which is why I thought I had dodged it.


Thank you. The morality dig was in a message on the platform to me. I responded with something along the lines of: you are confused, this is my job, it is not personal. My employment requires that I follow procedures and guidelines, it does not say whether I agree with these or not.

In the same message she told me she would get her money one way or another and she will take me to court. It’s $175 to lodge a claim. I told her that to be entitled to a refund there had to be a fault or something not provided, changing your mind is not permitted as a reason.

In relation to the newsletter about outlier reviews when I read that I felt it was one of those placating lines that mean nothing. That they just said it to soothe hosts into thinking they are looking into it and like a politician nothing will be done about it.

She left me 1* for everything but 5* for cleaning. The stars won’t make any difference to me and because it was 15 days after her stay I have 3 excellent reviews after hers already. Funnily enough two of them mention that it’s exactly like the pictures so I think she looks like a bit of a nutter and everyone knows there are people out there who like to make trouble so I think it’s best to let it slide.


Good response and you are totally correct. Her nasty threats are entirely empty air. She strikes me as entitled and spoiled. Lordy, the hospitality industry is in for a treat when the GenZ kids start traveling on their own dime.


The review timing is 14 days to the minute you get the first prompt to review guest. So if it comes at 2:01 pm you have 14 days from that minute.



Poppy was told one thing, the Airbnb site says another. If you are trying to time a review it matters. I review 95% of my guests the first day I can.


I got this info from the forum, I think it was from @AirGMS who posted it and it has worked for me.



The normal timing of a review is not from when the email comes out, it’s exactly 14 days from your check out time. I was told that in the situation of a cancellation it was 14 days from the time of the cancellation but it was exactly 15 days from the cancellation.

She is still messaging me daily telling me that she will “not be letting this go”. I have just blocked her, I have had enough. I can’t believe that she thought that she could open the door and then change her mind on the spot and expect a refund. She also unplugged the modem which the next guest had to sort out.

I’ve just had another review come in that says:" what you see is what you get". Its like I told the last few guests what to write! She is now down number 5 on the page and every other review is glowing so I’m not really worried.

This is the nature of our business that we are going to get troublesome guests. This post was not about the guest but more to discuss how Air managed it. I haven’t heard back from them and the way she is carrying on in the messages I presume they have not given her any credit.


Air have just told me what we expected they would say: her review does not breach guidelines so it will be staying. Hardly surprising. “Finding a way to help us with outlier reviews” is just “mouth speak”.


You go with that then, I stand by what I said. 14 days to the minute from the first email prompt.


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