Guest leaving house damage

I had a guest, whoom partly damaged the doorframe in the bathroom, by showering. When the guest moved on, the door frame was not in perfect condotion. But when the guest left, the damage of the frame is bigger. I dont know now if to ask for the refund the doorframe as the guest is arguing that can not take fullresponsibility for the damage, as It was already not in good condition when he arrived. But the damage is much biger now.

how did a gust damage a doorframe by showering…you say the doorframe was already damaged…why wasn’t it fixed?

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The frame is close to the bath. It has been lowered from the floor about 5 mm. and the long-lasting guest, after leaving, the frame soaked with water and swung/ bounce more than 1 m. upper, and its wet. The argue of the guest is that he underestand it happend, but It should be built different and that he can not take full resposibillity as it was before even not in that conditions.

Thats a good question, why it has not been fixed. I have never had a problem with other gest, as it was a small problem. I gues the other guest took shower usuall way, I guess.

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Alright. Thanks,

As for my opinion, I think you may be sort of stuck absorbing the repair cost on your own. Once something is structurally unsound you can’t blame the guest for making it more so. Although, I must admit I will don’t fully understand the relationship between a doorframe and a shower. Just get it fixed, whatever it is.

Thanks once again for the opinion.
The doorframe is close to bath and get wet from the water on the floor. Just for explanstion.

I tend to agree with @CatskillsGrrl. If it was an existing problem the guest should not have to pay for it.


… it sounds as though the guest is taking SOME responsibility for making it worse.

Why don’t you ask the guest what they are willing to pay to make up for the additional damage. Anything you get is a bonus if you’ve already resolved (in your own head) that you’ll have to suck it up and pay for it.

As I have been thinking about wood far too close to water [which is a really dumb design,] I found myself wondering what you are asking your guests to do so that the damage doesn’t get worse? How do you explain the measures to someone who doesn’t share a language with you?

Could you protect the door jam with a post shield or plastic guard?

Yes, to me it seems the same. I agree with both of you. CanadianHost and CatskillsGrrl.

Thank you for the notes and coments, very much helpfull.

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