Guest leaving early due to ghostly visitation?

I am providing everything , but some of them want to bring their own. Whatever works. Anyway the linen closet in on the hallway so they can use my bed sheets if they want so. Yeah, I have friends who told me horror stories about nurses, like making a mess in the kitchen, cooking with the owners ingredients, intruding in the owners private dinner parties, being loud etc, etc.

I tend to exchange emails with the prospective tenants to make sure we are compatible and sort of lay out what’s expected etc. I only had very minor pb and I parted friends with all of them except one and even that one wasn’t bad, after all.

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wow! could you privately share your listing with me? I’d like to come and visit you. I’d like to see a ghost. I have a coworker who says his brother and his wife were in such a place and the ghost made the bath curtain rod fly horizontally in the air and kick him. I mean, if there are ghosts it means that there is something after death, right? I want to experience this. Thanks.

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it’s no joke if the spirits don’t like you. and you don’t want to tempt them. in my experience, there are spirits and energies everywhere, even in your own place. look for them out of the corners of your eyes.

Speaking of ‘ghosts,’ I have joked to guests about our ‘ghost’ to explain the flickering lights in our bedroom, but I’ve seriously been wondering about whether there was a serious electrical problem to worry about.

Well, today I had an electrician in to install a ceiling fan in the bedroom and I asked him about it. I noted that it wasn’t just one fixture, but all the lights in that room – but only that one room – where the lights flickered. He explained that it was likely the result of people in the building who have energy-saving water heaters that heat their water tanks only at non-peak hours. I can’t remember all the details of his electrician-speak, but the gist of it was that it can briefly interfere with other electrical signals, and it can happen in just one or two rooms but not every room, depending on how the place is wired.

To test that hypothesis, he said, I should leave the lights on in the bedroom for a while during the day to see if they flicker during the day (when the water tanks will not be getting electrical signals to heat up). I tried that, and no flickering by day.

Mystery solved! It’s neither a ghost nor a major electrical fault to worry about.


but electricity- “power” and lights are never on the same circuits, and the hws is always on its own circuit. I don’t quite understand how it all works either but that seems weird. I like the ghost idea. :laughing:

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Yeah i honestly didn’t follow what he was saying, but it was something about sending out some signals that disrupted other signals. I find electricity mysterious enough that as far as I’m concerned it’s all ghosts and demons anyway.