Guest ID calendar hold interesting scenario with Channel Manager

I’m sure a lot of you get annoyed when your IB listing calendar gets blocked due to a guest who hasn’t verified ID (even though I accept guests without verified IDs).

I had this scenario yesterday. I use a channel manager to advertise on VRBO as well as Airbnb. While the reservation was still pending on Airbnb due to ID verfication, I got a booking on VRBO. Eventually the guest on Airbnb verified his ID, but his reservation was never confirmed. The message I got was “you denied this trip request”. Now that might lower my search ranking but I’m on IB so I don’t think it should lower my ranking.

So having a channel manager was helpful in working around Airbnb’s stupid policies.

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It’s not just IB- I’ve had my calendar blocked by accepted requests for almost 24hrs, then either the guest’s payment doesn’t come through, or their ID verification doesn’t- in any case, it’s annoying, for sure.

Guests shouldn’t be able to book until they and their payment info is verified. If hosts can’t put up a listing without doing those things first, guest’s shoulld have the same requirement.


Yes. In this case it was a bad experience for the guest as well. His request got denied. That must have stung as the first experience on Airbnb.

Earlier I have allowed Airbnb to block my calendar, but now I have a work around that protects me.

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