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Guest hit accelerator, damaged rear of our car and garage closet door


Just got a message and call from a guest their final evening of stay before check out tomorrow. We have an open garage attached to the house. In attempting to park their Jeep Wrangler behind our parked car in garage, they hit the accelerator instead of brake, and rear jammed out vehicle, causing pretty extensive damage to the rear section of our little older Toyota Corolla. The force of the impact also pushed our car into the double sliding wooden doors of garage door in front of our car, breaking those doors and damaging the wood frame around it.

Guest wants to use Airbnb resolution center. This seems like it should be covered by their car insurance – even though theirs is a rental car they say they’re covered by their Allstate insurance. I spoke with Airbnb, and they first said to submit our estimate through the Resolution Center with a cost estimate, but then they cannot guarantee what will be covered, and suggested we might want to go through guest car insurance (Allstate). I don’t know yet what the cost will be, but if this were a friend, for example, who caused the damage, we would go through their car insurance.

Any suggestions or guidance on situation like this? Would greatly appreciate it.


I’d suggest to use car insurance. If you open a resolution your guests might ignore it since they’d be long gone.


Defo a car insurance issue - IMHO AirBnB are just not reliable enough to deal with things this complex and it was, after all, an accident involving cars - so take the easier and more reliable course of action.


Perhaps car insurance for the car and resolution for the damage to the garage?


This is covered by their Allstate collision insurance. Call Allstate ASAP and report it. It will cover the damage to the garage as well as it is the result of a collision.


Not only no; hell no. File a police report as usual and let the insurance companies wrangle things out. You cannot depend of Air’s resolution center in this case!


Call Police and file an official accident report. Have their car insurance handle it.


I would say auto insurance all the way…I believe once you make a claim, the insurance company has to pursue it. If they deem it doesn’t qualify for any reason, then go AirBNB route.

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