Guest has damaged doona cover, offered to pay, what do I charge?

Frankly, I wouldn’t spend that amount of money on something that could be damaged relatively quickly.
I never put anything in my Airbnb’s that I really care about…because some clients won’t look after them.

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Gillian lives in Australia (hint: use of word doona) so that’s only about $65 USD. However, even $100 for a duvet cover in the US isn’t crazy. They’ve lasted for years and I allow pets.

May I ask what you use in your rental that’s more economical?
Nevertheless I’d love to know


And they say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit…I thought the lady originally was talking US dollars…:joy::joy::joy:

A King size duvet cover, if I were to make it myself, which I have before, would be about the same cost, just for the fabric, not counting the labor involved, as what Gillian said she paid for a new one.

of course you did… :roll_eyes:

ouch, hopefully more like $72? although i earn money in USD for my photography work, so I love a crappy exchange rate :slight_smile: and yes, $100 for a SK doona cover (on sale of course) is very reasonable. you might get a low quality version at kmart etc for $50, and you’ll pay up to $500 elsewhere. (I’ll do the maths for my dear American cousins: $35 is cheapo quality, and $355 is high end boujie brand name, which I personally would never pay). I did have another doona cover ruined by a guest, she denied it. I did the turnover… she still denied it. That particular cover was originally mine, and it was expensive, around $300AUD ($220usd £174) . I bought a new cover, cheaper brand, washed the nicer one, stain still hasn’t come out, but I’m using it on my bed again anyway. Such is the life of an ABB host. Now i have a spare cover for me, with a 3" burn mark on it, it’s not too noticeable and if I bothered to do a throw across the bed you’d never see it.

think about those damn buttons! I recently sewed on a whole row of new buttons on my doona (formally wrecked by an ABB guest), took 30mins. (well, 3 years, and 30mins, lol)

UPDATE: the guest left us a 5* review, neither of us mentioned the doona thing.
In his private note he suggested we install power points in the bathrooms… mystery solved: we do have power points in the bathrooms, they are cleverly installed inside the mirror cabinets, perhaps not standard but we did this to hide them, it’s all about the aesthetics, right? In my most recent house i had an electrician install 4 pp inside the bottom cabinet so I could leave my hairdryer and straightner always plugged in, it was brilliant. Seems odd they didn’t see them, usually guests open every single cupboard and this one is the mirrored cabinet you brush your teeth in front of, twice a day…

Anyway, the wife must have been using the straightner in the bedroom and then put it on the bed… :woman_facepalming:t2: would she do that at home??? and yes, we have silicon mats for heating tools in both bathrooms, and didn’t they think seeing 2 hairdryers was a clue there are power points? aargh. He also left some other silly advice for me, but all’s well that end’s well. **

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I have a bath cabinet in my Airbnb room with switched power in the drawer. So the hairdryer is plugged in all the time. There is also an outlet right by the sink also though.

Yes, but as you’ve seen because it’s not standard… Mirrored cabinets used to be standard but now many homes just have mirrors. Perhaps take a pic showing that in the listing.

Wow, big assumption. LOL. They probably brush their teeth standing in the bedroom where the hair appliances are plugged in. If you’re lucky, they spit in the sink.

No idea what the exchange rate is now.

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Yes, this is very nice.

[At first I thought you were referring to a PowerPoint presentation, but I soon caught up.]

When guests make mistakes like thisI try to d’something’ to prevent a recurrence. Were I you I would now think about using my trusty label maker to put a label on the hair dryers saying something like ‘Use in bathroom’ and a label below each medicine cabinet that says 'Power points/outlets within." I might even put labels on the silicon mats that say ‘For Hair Dryers.’

The Host for which I am co-Host doesn’t like the look of labels. While I sympathize I think it demonstrates to the guests a level of care that sends just-in-time messages to the guests. But I know there are at least two schools of thought about this.

  1. won’t stick. :laughing: but yes, the trusty Sharpie will work. and I think I will actually do that, because it’s plausible a lot of people won’t know what the mat is for.

I’m not going to label the cabinet with anything, this is the first guest to make this error.


why isn’t this just standard everywhere by now??
don’t answer that. we all know why :roll_eyes:

actually why don’t we have proper cordless battery hairdryers by now ?? hubby has every power tool under the sun, including a lawn mower, that is battery powered.

Actually I do have a curling thingamy that is battery powered, so we can’t be far off. would love a cordless iron too.

Look for snap tape if you ever have to replace a zipper or buttons on a duvet cover. It’s essentially twill tape with snaps embedded in it. You just use a zipper foot on the sewing machine and sew it on. Takes about 5-10 min.

Of course if it had buttons, you’d end up with the buttonholes showing, but I’d just sew a ribbon or piece of fabric over those.

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I definitely understand that. One guest doing something does not require an amendment. We, very unscientifically and not at all consistently, usually wait for something to happen 3 times before we consider a change. And I will personally go to great lengths to avoid labels or signs if it is at all possible.

If finding the outlets become an issue I recommend a plug-in nightlight - one of those that are half the size of a golf ball and comes on automatically when it’s dark. Even when it’s not on it will cue people that there is an outlet and, apparently, guests love to have a nightlight in the bathroom. It was the first thing that our guests “taught” us.

Our first listing is on our 2nd floor where we lived for the first few months after we bought our house. You enter into the kitchen, there isn’t a light switch at the door and it’s hard to find in the dark. We eventually adjusted when we lived in there but I knew it wouldn’t work for guests, so I put one of those nightlights right inside the door.

And after nearly all of the first 10 guests moved it to the bathroom, I bought another pack and put one in the bathroom as well. The one in the kitchen was never moved again. When we opened our 2nd listing on the 1st floor with the same floor plan I again put a nightlight in the kitchen. I’m not dumb but I had only bought a 2-pack so only had the one extra (ok, maybe a little dumb, lol).

Again, the damn thing kept getting moved into the bathroom so I bought more nightlights. This time I got a 3-pack knowing that we were soon to open our 3rd listing which is smaller but of course, also has a bathroom. I find it a little amusing because I’ve never used nightlights before and was surprised to learn of their popularity. Incidentally, the one in the 3rd listing bath also serves to “show” guests where our semi-hidden outlets are - no labels required.

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sounds like it’s probably the same amount of effort, this time.
but I am considering sewing velcro tabs onto all my doona covers.
currently my project is: sewing coloured thread lines along the bottoms of all sheets. We have so many sheets and sometimes we have the same brand in K or Q and they don’t even have the sizing on the tag!!! wtaf **

I couldn’t put the nightlight inside the cabinet, but I’m also a fan. We have a few around our house, and they also serve as torches, you can grab them out of the socket and they’ll function as a torch for a short while.

my other new favourite thing is battery powered lights on a timer, they last about 6 hours ON. I got my first set on Amazon, a bunch of tea lights. Now you can get so many devices like this, battery or solar powered. I’ve got overhead chandelier type lights (battery) that are on timer 6pm-midnight, fairylights in various places, and in my own home I have those tea light candles. I was pleased to recently find solar versions for sale in my local huge national hardware chain (Bunnings). Sometimes i find guests turn them off, cos they don’t know, and even though I did write (in Sharpie, of course!) “on a timer” I guess people don’t quite know about these marvels just yet. I have a lovely vintage hall stand in one of my listings and I have the timer fairy lights set to come on approx 3pm, so they’ll go off at 9pm. Guests will often turn them off which is nice of them, but i guess cos it’s dark they don’t see my “label”. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Let me guess: you write the size on the tag with a sharpie?

What is the purpose?

I would LOVE a bright red thread line on the bottoms of sheets - no more searching the top sheet or fitted sheet for where it is supposed to be on the bed. Red = foot of the bed!

So you can tell what size sheet is without opening it up. We get our sheets from a linen supply and they come like that. The queens have a green thread on the bottom hem and fulls have a brown thread for the bottom hem. It’s subtle but can save a lot of trouble, especially when you’re in a rush.


JJD’s answer makes sense to me. In the US, every top sheet I’ve ever owned has a wide hem at the top of the sheet and sometimes a slight decoration as well. The fitted sheet doesn’t matter top or bottom but it does matter if it’s long or short side. I guess that’s even worse with a king sheet.

I’m a sharpie lover like gillian so I could see using a sharpie to make a mark that would be hidden when the bed is made. I also don’t have a sewing machine any longer.

I don’t have a king bed but if I ever get one (which is increasingly unlikely as I age) I can definitely see the benefit of the colored thread.

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My old eyes have a problem seeing the wide hem (white on white) andI have a tag on the fitted sheet but I still need to search for it. Sharpie is a good idea tho


I’ve done the colored thread thing on the inside of the hem on curtains I make for clients when they have multiple windows which may all be different sizes.

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Have you tried working with a headlamp on? It’s amazing.


This is kind of true. The word I’d use is dismayzing. And don’t get me started on what a white magic eraser will pick up off a newly mopped floor.