Guest had my positive and their negative review removed

Well, some of us do. If you’re working freelance from home then you often have client meetings and so on in your personal home. Designers, photographers, writers and so often have their clients around for meetings. This is why they have to have insurance.

Fair enough but not living there with you.

True.The idea of using our homes as a way to make money has been going on for centuries, of course. Although some homeowners take the ‘paying guest’ (lodger) route, many others offer B & B services instead because it’s not as permanent and not really having someone ‘living’ there.

Some people like the security of knowing that money is coming in regularly from their long-term tenant, roommate or lodger but others prefer the short term guest as it has its own distinct advantages. Neither is right or wrong - just personal preference.

When I was doing B & B back in the eighties the longest stay I had was a guest who stayed for six weeks - but one, two or three nighters were more common. But back in those days, even though guests were sharing my home, we obviously didn’t have the advantages we do now of seeing reviews from a guest’s previous hosts. Back then the very idea would have seemed like science fiction :slight_smile:


This is interesting to me as I didn’t know you could get a review removed. I want to remove a 5 star I just gave a host. He didn’t deserve it but i felt sorry for him. I reviewed him right after I was there and he had talked to me for a long time about how he’s not getting bookings and really I did him a disservice by leaving a 5 star but it’s done. Does anyone think I could re-do it? Is that ever done? Also I wanted to ask if anyone uses tip jars. This guy had a low price but expected tips. In fact he made it clear when I checked in that he knew his price was the lowest in the area but he made up for it in tips and even told me what people usually tipped. To say I was turned off would be be putting it mildly. I’ve hosted for going on 6 years and never thought about a tip jar and have traveled extensively and usually stay in airbnb’s and have never seen it. I’m not saying it’s wrong, just that I’ve not seen it so I thought I would ask. Any thoughts?

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If you just wrote it, and the host has not reviewed you yet…you have 48 hours to edit it.

Tip jar is crazy. In some markets the cleaning staff will leave a tip envelope and it’s not considered odd because many in that market do the same. But even that’s a bit weird to me.

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Be good to your mother and never eat yellow snow.

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That’s what I said, now what is your comment? I don’t see it.

Oh my goodness, I just saw this. A tip jar??? I would have definitely mentioned that in the review. 'Don’t be bamboozled by the low nightly price - this guy expects tips and tries to pressure guests accordingly".

Personally, I think he needs reporting to Airbnb.

We’ve got a lengthy thread here somewhere about gifts that guests have left (unprompted!) for their hosts and I’ve benefitted from guests’ generosity a lot. I’ve also had tips left for me and that’s great. (Once a pretty large amount of money). But a tip jar???


Thanks for your reply. I was able to edit my review and I feel better. People need to know that is going to happen and be prepared for it. I was literally told when they showed me my room that a $20 tip is common!!!


Thanks. I’ve been hosting for 6 years and did not know I had 48 hours to edit my review. How have I missed that important information?? I did edit it and was honest. I gave a 4 star for accuracy and explained that tips were expected so factor that into your paying price. They emphasized about having no cleaning fees but personally I’d prefer that. At least you know up front what your going to pay. The tip thing totally threw me and the mentioning that a $20 was “what most people left” was beyond tacky.


I’m so glad that you were able to. It seems such a mean thing for that host to do.This sort of behaviour is the sort of thing that gives all we Airbnb hosts a bad name.

I agree. @Blanco this is tacky and devious. I would report the listing.