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Guest had friends set up camp in front yard and other dramas

Older folks can have incontinence problems that can be far worse than children’s betwettng.

I have water and bugproof mattress covers, with a mattress pad over, then sheets. The cover is fabric but is waterproof, and doesn’t have that crinkly plastic sound and feel.

The other reason for needing mattress covers is bedbugs. If a guest brings them in you could end up incinerating the mattress.

one star review with a “be careful of hosting them”.
Happy to know that the nightmare ended well.

A tent … people is becoming crazy

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Amen. This is an amenity you don’t want to overlook. These nasties can live away from a host for an entire year. So once in and dropped from a host, they will gradually make their way to the beds no matter where they are. They are more and more common, especially with travellers obviously. If you open your home to frequent visitors, its like playing russian roullette. If a bedbug can’t get into the mattress, they either won’t stay or they will starve.

My guests come mostly to hike and rock climb, so are a younger crowd. Usually 20s-30s. I have very steep hardwood steps that lead to guest quarters so generally older folks shy away because of this-that’s my guess anyway.

Oh lord. Yeah that would suck, but I have a sofa in the room that I will not cover with plastic, so if they bring them, the room will be infested anyway.

I do have a memory foam topper, that’s double encased, so the mattress is protected from moisture anyway. I don’t know if bed bugs infest memory foam? Probably.

They are great, and are under the mattress pad, so no one will feel them at all. Mattress pads are not a big deal to launder. The mattress must be protected …

No way the moisture is going to soak all the way through the memory foam topper to the mattress. (Topper is double encased, then very thick mattress pad over that.)

I get mostly millennials coming for to hike, rock climb or work. No kids, no older people, and almost 3 years in, no spills. I’ll take my chances.

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Oddly enough, no. They are called bed bugs (and not couch bugs or chair bugs or …You get the point :wink: ) for a reason. Bed bugs have an M.O like any bug and this involves seizing upon their victims at approximately just before dawn every morning. They like their victims to be motionless and at their deepest rest. If there is no victim in the bed, they will wait it out for up to approximately 1 year, before they have to seek out a host in another bed, preferably.

So, it would have to be a serious, serious infestation before they move to other furniture.

Don’t ask me how I know all of this, but suffice it to say, it involved a particularly strange and dimwitted neighbour and his very real case of a severe infestation and my subsequent emotional nightmare when I then assumed that I had them. It was like a war that I waged against them (even though the Exterminator found that I never had them). But I made it my mission to know every single detail of their strange little existences!

I was going to go sleep on my couch instead of my bed (just due to my own irrational fears) and the Exterminator said “never do that” as they would just follow me to the couch if I had them and wasn’t sleeping in my bed. So, “just protect your bed and keep them contained in one place!” But I bought a great mattress protector and no longer feel the fear anyway!


Guests of any age can ‘wet’ the bed by dropping a glass of water. Bedbugs can arrive at your front door in the luggage of unsuspecting guests. And many people, myself included, don’t want to sleep in a hotel or STR bed that doesn’t have a full mattress cover to protect them from whatever previous guests have brought with them.

Travel is the main cause of the increase in bedbug infestations. This is why the suitcase/seat protector industries exist and why we’re told never to put our suitcases on the floor or bed in a hotel or STR. As far as I know, they don’t fly - the only way for them to travel is by hitching a ride from us … or our guests.

I think that a mattress cover, plus padded topper/s are essential to keep guests safe from the threat of these little buggers.

This is fascinating!

Interesting article, thanks. But there is something wrong in it. It says diatomaceous earth isn’t effective against bedbugs, then recommends an insecticidal powder which it says is silicon dioxide. Diatomaceous earth IS silicon dioxide. So someone didn’t do their research.

Thanks! Good catch. I’ve never known anyone who’s had bed bugs! This is really grossing me out…

I’ve never know anyone who’s had bedbugs either. But back when my kids were young, I had to deal with scabies and lice infestations that would get passed around at school or sleepovers a few times, and that’s no fun either. And I can tell you, you have no idea how many times a day you scratch an itch on your head or body until you’re freaked out that you might now have head lice or scabies, too.

But at least those human parasites don’t live for up to 4 months without a host body to feed off. I think it was 2 weeks- if you put unwashable items in a tied up plastic bag, apparently they’d all be dead within 2 weeks.

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Worst thing I had to deal with was back-talk and pinkeye. All of the sudden I feel blessed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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When I arrive at a hotel or Air, my bags go in the bathtub until I’ve inspected. And yes, since I got in the business I do indeed pull the sheets at the bottom of the bed and inspect. I also get down on my knees and check a couple of the bed posts, under the bed (with my little travel flashlight), and check along baseboards. It’s not the host I’m worried about, it’s the previous guest.

Bags stay on chairs or on closet shelves, especially if there’s carpet.

I once managed 750 units of rental housing, and I know how to get rid of them. But I hope to never get them, especially in luggage. That has happened to several friends, in locations from JoBurg to Singapore to Chicago to Miami to London, and from them I learned that when I come home, the bags go in the bathtub and get unpacked very carefully, and I check every seam and hidden spot of every bag before it goes into storage, as well as all clothing.

The only way to really eradicate them is by cooking them. Literally heating your house to about 180F (82C) for at least 4 hours.


Here in El Paso I’ve never heard of anyone having bedbugs. I think the hot dry conditions aren’t ideal. Shoot, I could probably turn off my AC and shut up the house in the summer and get it close to 120 inside without the use of supplement heaters.

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This is actually my thinking and practice as far as COVID surface transmission goes.

After a big shopping trip, I bring in and sterilize any items that need refrigeration or that I need to use soon, the non-perishable stuff I don’t need to use right away, I leave in my car for about 5 days. It gets to be over 100 degrees in there with the windows rolled up, it’s quite humid, and the sun is beating in the windows. So between the heat, the humidity and the UV, all of which are factors in the survival of COVID on surfaces, I figure if anything did have some viral particles on it, they wouldn’t be viable any longer.

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Did I somehow lead you to believe that I don’t launder my mattress pads? I have many, and every reservation gets a clean one.

We are pretty arid here as well, I tend to think you are right about dry climates and bed bugs. Famous last words! But seriously bed bugs just have never been on my radar.

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…But your not sleeping on them, your protecting your rental.

But that’s not hot enough. It has to be above 180, and for at least 4 hrs. I know an exterminator that bakes furniture in a big box van for 8 hours or more.

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