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Guest had friends set up camp in front yard and other dramas

I had a guest book for five. Initially her husband and three children. Five is my capacity. She turned up without the husband and four children. Then I noticed a second car parked on my front grass on my outdoor camera. Later that evening I see two extra guest, adult and child. The adult set up a roof top tent. I immediately messaged the guest who ignored me. I had to call AirBnb. They reached out to the guest and after a lot of back and forth messages I was able to get them to leave. She also lied about the situation to AirBnb. I have a duplex unit with water views and this was a big problem as I had guests in the other Unit.
The guest also contacted me the next day about a problem with my lock which is coded for self check in. No mention of the previous evening. The children played with it and caused a tamper alert. I fixed this remotely. Then the next day she said same problem. I was inconvenienced as had to drive to get internet access only to find there was no problem, I could she she had entered at 5:07 and there was nothing wrong. She then lied and said she wasn’t there at that time but I can see on the outdoor camera she was as well as the door records. I have no idea why she would do that. The unit was left in good condition but one bed was left urine soaked. She did not mention anything about that.
Not sure how to review. I was glad to have her leave. Any advice on how to word a review and what stars I should give? Thank you

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“SusieQ initially arrived with different people than reserved for and then proceeded to have more guests attempt to car camp on my lawn. She ignored communications from myself and Airbnb and lied when contacted. Upon her removal from the property, a bed was found to be soaked in urine and the house locks tampered with.”

Not host again.


One star review because zero is not an option. As for the review “Deceitful and desrespected property and house rules. I would not recommend this guest to our Airbnb community.”


CANNOT RECOMMEND. Guest lied repeatedly about guest count and other issues, tried to have other people car-camp on my lawn, disrespected house rules, tampered with locks, and left a urine soaked bed.


I think any one of the above responses is perfect. I am glad she left , too! Yowza

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Go @KenH!!! Perfect short & factual

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Is it not amazing how people think if they lie, it will be believed regardless of video & entry records?

2:30-ish One of young guests this summer texted, “we forgot to let you know, we checked out about an hour ago” (Checkout was at 1:00)

My response “I hope you enjoyed your stay. I see my ring door bell shows you carrying out luggage at 2:11. Safe travels home”


I think use of the word “deceitful” might be grounds for the guest to have the review removed, and we don’t want that!

It’s the equivalent of calling her a liar, which I seem to recall Airbnb take a dim view of.

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Is this too harsh if a child wet bed. It did cause a lot of extra washing and she didn’t let me know about it. I like what you say though as that’s what happened.

The extra guests left that were camping and the rest stayed for the full three nights. Shouldn’t the guest strip the bed and notify you if a child wets it? It was dry but had been soaked so obviously was sleeping in it still perhaps? Should House Rules have something about Bed wetting and I leave spare sheets as this is second time this has happened. First time With different guest the parents stripped The bed and apologised, although that is only because they saw my cleaner at check ou.

Would Never Host Again. Arrived with extra unregistered guests (over our maximum), broke house rules, checked-out late, poor communication, and messy.

1 star across the board. And hit “no” during review for “would you host again” - prevents IB for hosts that have that option checked.


Absolutely not! She should feel bad, not you! I’d mention it.

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No, I don’t think it is too harsh. In fact, if a kiddo wet the bed, she definitely would have known in time to tell the host. If it was her, or if it was her kid, it doesn’t matter. People need to take responsibility for their actions and stop thinking they are above rules set for a house they have the good fortune to stay in.


I wouldn’t mention that she lied, even though she did. I can see Airbnb agreeing to remove a review for that if the guest complained. Better to use the term “she denied” rather than lied.


My husband is usually my “check this out and tell me what NOT to say” go-to, but he was still asleep this morning. Lol! Good catch, thank you!


Don’t you have waterproof mattress covers?

I don’t. It’s probably not wise, but I personally hate sleeping on them - makes me sweat - so I don’t use the water proof ones. I don’t allow children or pets at either of my rentals so it hasn’t been an issue, to date. :crossed_fingers:

They aren’t designed to be slept on with just a sheet over top. They go under a padded, fabric mattress pad. So if the bed gets wet, it will penetrate the mattress pad, but the mattress itself will stay dry. At least that’s how I’ve always done it.


Yes, I know. Still, no thanks for me. Do people actually use these without a mattress pad?

I do have waterproof cover which saved the mattress but they didn’t strip the bed and can potentially seep through as not meant to be left on there indefinitely.

I have left a negative 1 star review and used the words from what was suggested above.

It will be interesting if she writes a review for me. I will let you know!

Thanks for all the help.

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