Guest had clickfest and requested several bookings for same days

I thought if a guest selected several listings, made a request to book then selected one, all other requests were cancelled. I looked for the thread but couldn’t find it.

Guest requested (not inquiry) a 5 day stay. I was out to dinner so I responded 2 hrs later. I sent her another message 8hrs later. (10 hrs total).

Her response was she had already booked another condo. I asked her to remove booking request. She didn’t. In the meantime I get multiple reminders from Airbnb that I must respond to this guest.

I called CS about it. Before I talked to CS I received notice that request is cancelled.

Did potential guest cancel it or was this an automated cancellation? Any ideas?

I just had a guest accidentally instant book two of my units for the same nights. It caused her checking account to get overdrawn. I refunded her one of the two units, but it didn’t help with her bank.
Airbnb did have it where one guest could only book one unit per day, but that was a couple years ago, and they quickly pulled it as it caused more issues than it solved.

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