Guest gave my address to her workplace

Hi everybody,

I realize this may not really be a question for the forum, but maybe someone was in a similar situation. You guys remember those 3 people in their twenties that stay with me for 3 weeks (and I was so happy to get rid off :))?

Well, it looks like one of them got a job at Albertsons and I am getting her 401K correspondence. I already returned the mail to the post office once but the mail is still coming.

What do I do? Keep returning it to the post office? Call Vanguard (401K management)? Call Albertsons HR? File the mail to cabinet 13 (trashcan)?

Thanks in advance!

I’d mark “return to sender, addressee unknown” and drop into a mailbox.


Garbage can would be my route.

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I had a similar experience with a guest and his bank statements. It’s fraud. But here in JustinTrudeau land, you can’t hang on to mail either. “Return to sender” is the right thing to do here. Let them assume the responsibility.


See, that is my concern. I do not want to be responsible for “lost benefit information” or whatever else the corp may send. At the same time, witholding mail (or tampering with it) is, as far as I know, federal crime here in the US as well.
These kids are just the “gift that keeps on giving” :smiley:

You won’t be, just return to sender. People move all the time without forwarding addresses.


I believe the tampering with mail restriction only applies if there is bad intent e.g. stealing. I have found the most effective thing is to find the company phone number and call them, asking them to stop sending you mail because those people never lived there and your address is private. It’s a bloody cheek their giving your address out. Consider putting in your house rules that guests must ask before using your address for anything.

Mail should start to dry up, once a company has received a return to sender. If it’s all from different companies you may as well order a $10 ‘return to sender’ rubber stamp, save time


I was taken aback when I saw the mails. Never in my life would I consider giving an Airbnb rental as my address, so I never even expected something like that may happen - live and learn!

Interestingly, the same guest gave my address to her mother in law to send a box of socks for the guy. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box thinking is was my delivery from Amazon :wink:

I took the box to them and told her nicely she should be not giving my address as their residence. We see how well that worked.

Honestly, all things considered, I am beyond aggravated so I called Vanguard and let them know Haley does not live here :slight_smile:

@Barns I may invest in that rubber stamp after all - I receive mail from my ex-husbands ex-wife who has been deceased for many years now :laughing: I guess that happens when you file family change of address with usps haha.

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Throwing the letters in the garbage would be illegal, at least in the US. I always mark the ones I receive “No longer at this address. No forwarding.”

Yep I didn’t think anyone would be cheeky enough to give out my address either. Once I had a guest have mail redelivered and loads of parcels sent to my address. My neighbours were disturbed twice and my client work was interrupted several times. When I asked him why he hadn’t given his work address since that was where he was during the day he said he didn’t want to disturb his employer… HELLO! For other reasons as well he got a well deserved stealth review from hell.

Well, I get it, if it’s a short stay.

Some years ago I moved from Atlanta to Seattle. I rented a STR for a month, so that I could find a place to live while I was in location. I forwarded my mail to the STR. Didn’t even occur to me that that was not ok. I was the only one living there for a month. Once I found a place I forwarded my mail there.

I think a guest having mail sent to a whole listing they’ve paid for it’s different from a host’s home. Also there was a sheet of A4 information in his room telling him to ask before sending parcels, and he had been told my clients and I I can’t be disturbed during the working day. The thing is if you’re ordering a parcel you need to think about whether you’re going to be in in the day to receive it, if not you need click and collect, to have it delivered to work or an evening delivery, especially if you’re ordering multiple parcels. A host is not an unpaid mailbox or free post office.