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Guest forgot baggage and wants us to send it at their cost


we had a couple as guests and the fellow forgot his entire bag with all his clothes as personal items. We didn’t notice this until after they left when we went into to clean the place, we found his baggage on the side of the bed where we didn’t notice it before when they checked out.

Due to how things go with drugs and all we hesitate to send the bag to them. Though he asked only for the bag itself and one of the items in the bag (he said to give away the rest - his clothes etc.), we still hesitate to send a piece of baggage that has not been checked through customs. They said they would pay for costs.

Your urgent advise would be so appreciated. We never had an incident happen to us like this before.

Where are you and where does the guest want the luggage sent? Personally, I wouldn’t. Who knows if anything is hidden in the lining. Maybe take it to the nearest embassy of his country (assuming you live near a capital city). Otherwise, I would donate it and send him the donation receipt.

I have shipped clothes left in a drawer, and a cell phone that a guest couldn’t find, but those were within the US.

Or, have him arrange for a courier service to pick it up with having him sign a release of liability before you send it.

Actually, I would not send it at all. Who forgets an entire suitcase? Too suspicious.

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Hi @Yala,

Are you concerned with sending something in the mail when you don’t know what it is? But can’t you check the items before sending it to the guest?

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yeah, just tell them you are unable to return it and cannot send it either in the mail or through the airlines. A prepaid courier would be the ONLY feasible option. What a dummie. Who forgets an entire BAG!???

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That just sounds crazy!! I’m looking forward to hearing the answers to the questions.

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I’m stumped on this one. I’d send items to guests, but I do charge a fee on top for my trouble. Never had an inclination to not send something.

I would just ask them, that you will have to look inside the bag before sending it, if ok with them, end of issue.

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Yeah same here,
I think their concern is more to do with drugs concealed in the liner…?
Highly unlikely but a concern none the less.

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I missed that, so he didn’t mind you opening the bag. This has happened a few times at my place, honestly the last thing I would think of is drugs and such things. Then again it is Belize, so they already went through customs.

Yes that’s exactly my concern plus we offered to send it to him via FedEx if he would provide the account number (as they said they would pay for the shipping costs on their end and that’s the only way to get it done if the recipient provides a FedEx account number) and they dropped the matter then, seemingly because it was too much hassle I presume as they didn’t explain why. We are in the Caribbean, a major drug route and they are located in the USA.

Personally, I don’t think that it’s a good idea at all. Even though they were great guests, we still don’t know them.

I couldn’t imagine HOW they managed to forget an entire bag especially when the hostess reminded them to recheck the apartment and make sure they didn’t forget anything.

The courier service with the release of liability sounds like the best solution. Do you think it can still be done now that you know more details?

To be 100% certain, I would want to rip open any bag linings. People put drugs in bag linings too. That’s the funny part. Ripping open the bag linings and sending the luggage damaged is also not what we want. This is a very weird situation.

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