Guest drops AC out the window

No, I had a guest who caused other damage.

I don’t remember telling that story :slight_smile:
The only time I ever dropped an AC out a window was many many yrs ago when I was trying to install it into the window by myself. I had just separated and taken a tiny apt that was a 2nd story, the thing was the bedroom was sooo cute with a ton of odd shaped windows and there was a huge tree right there…so it was like I was sleeping in a tree house.
Anyway…I was trying to install the newly purchased window unit AC in the living room window, and was having difficulty, and yeah, I dropped it.
After that, I started having someone help me! Now, I don’t even bother doing it myself, I pay someone to do it. I have 3 window unit AC’s for this place, but when it’s just me here, I rarely use them.

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If she brought a guest who spent the night who wasn’t on the booking, you can ask Airbnb to cancel the booking and charge for the extra guest.

Sorry, I had you and the original poster confused, I think because it was you who said that as I had common sense I wouldn’t make the same mistake. In fact, I probably would. I assume that if I’m not supposed to open a window it will be made unable to be opened. What people call common sense is often tied the the norms they grew up with. I have always had pets. I used to be astonished at the carelessness of people who leave front doors open when they enter and exit. Now that I’m an Airbnb host; I see that this is the norm. Almost every guest leaves the front door open when they are going back and fourth to their car. Our current guest chose our listing because we have dogs as she loves them. We emphasized the importance of always closing the front door. This morning she forgot her phone. She opened the front door and went to the guest room without closing the front door. What I also find unbelievable is the number of guests who leave food on the guest room floor and the guest room door open despite our warnings.


I also wouldn’t know about not opening windows and ac units, they’ve just never been a feature of anywhere I’ve lived. So it wouldn’t be common sense to me either. Interested to see a proper photo if any one has one they can show?

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