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Guest doesn't show up


Have any of you had the experience of a guest not showing up and not canceling? We were supposed to have a guest check in yesterday afternoon, but they just didn’t show up. They didn’t cancel either. I can’t get a response by text, phone, or the messaging center. Should I notify customer support?


I would. But you get to keep the money.


Notify. So it is in the record, keep the money, and write the exact sentence you wrote here in a review. If they just blew you off communication is lousy. If it was an accident or something at least you tried to find out. Let it go and enjoy the cash.


I have had this happen. It was particularly disturbing because he was an American, coming from Mexico, with his wife, who was Russian, and her son. I could only imagine the trouble they encountered. I never heard a word, nor did air, but I got the full payment.

Yes, let air know, so it’s on the record.


Some users of this forum may remember I had this same issue, and the guest appeared months later by putting a complaint to airbnb and writing to me claiming I took his money and left him out in the cold!

It was evidently an attempted scam. What helped was that I had written to him THROUGH THE AIRBNB MESSAGING SYSTEM asking where he was when he was coming, if he was coming, and at the conclusion of the stay stating it was a pity we never got to meet. He had not responded to a single one of those attempts at communication.
So when he complained to Air, they could clearly see the guy was lying.

So yes, notify air, and if communicating with the guest, do it through the system.

In my case the guest later got in touch by phone (after the stay), but I asked him to communicate through the system!

Had I not done so, it would all have gone very wrong I suspect!


Yup, this is good to do no matter what, communicate through the system. Covers your bases and backs you up.


Thanks for the replies! I sent them a few followup messages though the messenger and didn’t hear back. We also opened a case with customer support just in case they pop up again down the road and so they don’t throw up a review after not even having come.

It is as much concern for their safety as it is perplexing to wonder why they would simply not show if nothing actually did happen to them.

At least a couple people here have had the experience before.

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Yes, felixat, though in my case it was ‘free money’ I didn’t enjoy that feeling AT ALL. I would much rather have had them come and enjoy themselves, and get their money’s worth.

Let us know if you do hear from them!! I guess people have money to burn?!?!


No worries there. Reviews can only be for completed trips.

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