Guest commments on my profile photo. Inappropriate?

oh cmon, put on your alligator suit and jump back in, don’t take any of this personally . Take the best and leave the rest.


Sorry, but I have to respond to this. Gender equality will only be achieved when all genders respect each other and behave equally. Your idea of “a very proper way” might not be someone else’s. Why is it ok for an older woman to be flirty with a young man but not ok when you reverse the genders?

I know, I know, women are still subjected to sexism far more than men, putting it mildly. But we have to be true to the values we espouse!


@lililou1 My reply would be…

“Yes, there was one occasion when a potential guest tried to flirt with me. His reservation was immediately cancelled! I’m sure that will not be necessary with you.”


No, no, no! Too many things not right with this!

Oh dear … perhaps I used the wrong word … I wouldn’t want you to think I gaze soulfully into the eyes of poor embarassed young men or kiss the back of their hair a la Joe Biden …

What I mean by “flirting” is really the old-fashioned meaning of the word. It implies taking a real interest when talking to people, making a human connection, being pleasant, open and friendly, and it can be practised with any age and any gender!


Your 30 years of hosting wasn’t the subject of the thread…or maybe it is. It seems quite possible that he isn’t much older than you and now his friendly comment seems a lot less creepy. However, all the messaging off the platform and wanting to come back later is a bad idea.

Inappropriate response to my post. I don’t understand people who post on the internet asking for opinions and then get all huffy when those opinions are stated.

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Ah, I see. Yes, I have a friend like that - she flirts with everyone and anything, even animals. It does get her into trouble sometimes with wives and girlfriends though…!

yes, you can. I do it on my phone. they don’t have to have anything installed on their phone. Just you have to have the Airbnb app. The photos will be uploaded on ABB’s platform so they are bound to see them.

If you are sure you won’t see this guy bc they will be totally separate from you, and therefore you won’t be in any danger, don’t cancel.
If it were me I’d ignore and not make any comment, just continue talking professionally. He’s probably a bit daring bc he’s old and thinks he can get away with it, or perhaps he’s a dirty old man. If you’ll be safe I’d keep the reservation. If you are uncomfortable call ABB and cancel.

@lililou1 I would also find this uncomfortable. No one elses opinions really matter on how YOU feel. Your feelings are valid. There seem to be a lot of red flags here. Personally Id screen shot his message… post it to the platform… and write that you are no longer comfortable hosting him. Get CS involved. Always better safe than sorry. And if he is ok writing that to you- Id imagine itd be incredibly awkward having him on the property. Do what is best for YOU.