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Guest clearing out the toiletries

That makes sense to me. I don’t clean the toaster, but my suspicion is that my husband has a habit of cleaning the toaster after he has already cleaned the counter and the floor, so cleaning the toaster, to him, also means cleaning crumbs off the counter and floor again.

I think you might’ve misunderstood what I was saying. It is because we provide a ton of healthy snacks that I then like to add a trashy snack (like a Pop-Tart) in the basket, for balance. And for my personal amusement :grin: You know, irony.

I know that the American diet has a very bad reputation so I understand what you are referencing. The problem with generalizations is that they don’t apply to everyone. That awful American diet is as foreign to me as it is to you. I come from an unusual family and a weird city.

Yeah, but you guys have plenty of trashy snacks without having Hostess. To be fair it’s the cultural tendency toward moderation that is healthier, not the actual snacks. And it is almost always my international guests that eat the trashy American snack. Consider it a cultural exchange.

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Just a few further points.

The cleaning has all to do with timing. I always clean the toaster first and the kitchen countertop so that any stuff on the floor is picked up by subsequent cleaning.

No comments on the eating habits of other people in other countries except that I just wanted to make the point that pop tarts and other similar fast foods are not generally available in my country but some local supermarkets are stocking them in their overseas food aisle :slight_smile: I’m familiar with them and I have put them into toasters but I would never provide them to my guests. If they want to eat rubbish food then they can go to the supermarket and buy whatever they want to.

On the health food side I to ask guests if they wanted white or mixed grain bread beforehand and now I have decided not to bother asking and only give them white. And as I said earlier I’ve stopped giving breakfast anyway so I’m only providing breakfast to those people who book before my new rules came in.

We leave a “welcome basket of food and drink” for most of our guests. Food for dinner, snacks, beverages, breakfast ingredients, etc. We don’t really leave it in a basket - it’s in the refrigerator and the pantry. We had guests that thoroughly enjoyed all the food and drink, and then contacted me complaining they couldn’t find the welcome “basket”!

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That’s awesome :rofl: The fun never stops here!

I leave snacks, coffee, teas…… and chocolates and the makings for mimosas for my “ladies getaway” groups. I do enjoy it actually. It comes with a “Thank you” note pointing them to the refrigerator for their treat, if they wish to indulge. I always expect it all to be consumed and am happy to see (or assume) they enjoyed it when it’s all gone.

My moniker is outdated at this point. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now, and have over 75 reviews. All 5 stars except for this one. Pre-covid almost all of my stats were a month or longer (up to 3). Then I was closed for a while and now it seems all my guests are weekend stays coming from the next largest City.
My average is still 4.98. The last two guests who have stays since both gave me 5 stars and made comments like “literally the beat Airbnb I’ve ever stayed at, and I travel a lot for work … and I’m a wedding planner, so I appreciated the amazing decor and thoughtful touches”. So, I’m over that a-hole guy amd his 4 star review.
And no, I never use Instant Book. I am selecti e about my guests. It was stupid of me to assume that this guy (with zero reviews) who was coming to town for his son’s wedding, would be a decent person. Maybe because he’s not stayed at other Airbnb’s he didn’t have any perspective. I love in a University town, and there are a lot of super cheap, kind of crappy, Air properties. Mine is one of only 3 Plus properties in the area. He selected it and then had the nerve to say it was “too expensive”. Jeez. Oh well.

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