Guest Checked Out, Left Review - When Does Their Rating Kick In?

I know, I know, chasing SH and 5* seems insane to many of you. But I’m in a little town with just a room, whereas this is more of a family/whole house destination. So SH will give me more of a boost and hopefully keep my bookings on-par with the gal down the street (who doesn’t have a pool!)

After a year of hard work, I’m supposed to be getting SH status on Jan 14th. Guest booked over NYE and checked out on the 2nd. I need their rating to be 5* (not sure if it will be, more on that later).

Question: They just left a review today. Since their stay overlapped the ratings assessment period, does it count towards 2019 assessment or 2020? Or does it not matter and their review rating is already calculated towards my score?

I’m thinking of waiting until the last minute to review them. There were a couple of issues - they were in town to spend time with her Mom and sister so they weren’t around much. She was lovely, husband was cranky and high-maintenance from the moment they entered the home. I think my cat was the only thing he liked. =^.^=

I always ask about temperature and the mattress pad. He said he likes it cold because “we’re from a cold climate.” Normally, when the nighttime temps are in the low 50s, I don’t use the AC, but I decided to put it at 72 (which makes that room very cold) and open a side window for them. I pointed out the ceiling fan as well. Then I asked about the bed. He pokes it with a finger and says “It’s too soft.” Wife is embarrassed, but I change the linens and remove the topper. He’s still not happy with the firm pillow top mattress, but she says he’s a grumpy sleeper anyway.

Next morning I walk in the room to make sure the ceiling fan is off and to check the wastebaskets and change out their water bottle. The room is boiling hot!! It was cold when I turned on their light for their late arrival the night before. He has a CPAP machine, but I’ve had other guests with those and they don’t give off that much heat.

I’m concerned that his unhappiness will result in a mediocre review.

They weren’t bad guests, just passively high-maintenance. And I asked every morning if the temp was OK, did they sleep well, anything I could do. She smiled and said no, he scowled.

My draft review “So-and-so and her husband communicated well and left the suite clean.”

I know, don’t own his grumpiness, don’t chase stars and SH. Just wondering if they left less than 5* if it will affect the assessment and should I wait until after the 14th to review them?

I’m going to get more coffee… Next guest in 10 days. Moving to the area, should be fun! :slight_smile:

My understanding is that for Superhost purposes only stays that checked out by December 31 would count. The assessment period ends on the 14th so that those guests have their 14 days to leave a review.

So, this stay will not count towards your current assessment but towards your next assessment.


No, it doesn’t count on the current assessment unless they checked out on or before December 31.

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Why? - they’ve already left their review so there’s nothing to be gained by you delaying leaving yours.

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I hope (for your benefit) that it is the wife who writes the review, and that it reflects how you seemingly went above and beyond. :crossed_fingers:


The only reason to wait at this point is if the host suspected a bad review and wanted to delay it showing up on listing. If @casailinglady has guests coming up in the next week or so and is hoping to get another review that might push this guy’s review down, that would be a reason to wait. But it won’t count towards your assessment until next quarter, and even if it did I suspect that it would already be factored in.

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Thank you. Yes, I always try to go above and beyond. I make sure they test the mattress with topper (I’m thinking of making the bed after they arrive!!! ha!) and always ask how they slept and if the temps are comfortable. I clean after they leave and then clean again the morning of arrival. I bake muffins… offer coffee, and basically let them dictate interaction, within my boundaries, too.

I think it’s the wife’s account, so it could be a good review.


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I know that some people feel that way but SH and 5-stars is what makes me competitive in my competitive market. After getting SH last January, I was able to raise my prices dramatically and still got more bookings. My guests seemed to get easier as well, though me gaining experience also likely helped. Your mileage may vary but it definitely helps me and I know that some guests will only book with SH. I’ve also watched neighbors that lost SH, struggle even in the busy season. It is a lot of hard work and I hope you get it and you should be proud of it :slightly_smiling_face:

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I also agree that SH is worthwhile. I think much of the advice to not worry about it is just meant to soothe those who don’t get it and keep the focus on doing the best you can and ratings will take care of themselves. Though it hasn’t happened to me I know that the one off review can tank a rating.

When I got my 5 year SH award this summer I was immediately dismissive. I thought it was poorly designed and a waste of money. But a fellow member suggested a reboot of the presentation which I did. And I hung the award in the rental. It’s gotten a few comments and I don’t think I’ve had a single star deduction since I put it up. I choose to believe it has a psychological effect on my guests.


There’s nothing wrong with striving for Superhost status, although many hosts have said that they didn’t see any change in the number of bookings they got when they lost it or regained it.
I think the point is that hosts shouldn’t stress themselves out over it, since it’s true that one low-star revew from a fussy, disgruntled, or nasty guest can tank your rating which has nothing to do with how good a host you are.

Thank you very much! There are a couple of SHs near me with fewer amenities and the same price points and they book more than I do. I’m hoping the combo of IB and SH helps. Yes, it’s been work, but worth it!

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How do you know? More frequent reviews?

Yes and more guest stays. I stalk them. :innocent:

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Know your enemy, errrrr… competition.

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I’m pretty sure they’re stalking me, as well. I make tweaks, they make tweaks. I tweak their tweaks… :wink: It’s all good. They have more visitors per month and more repeats and have business when I don’t. They offer a queen bed in a room without a kitchen or pool. We’re at the same price point.

I’m always asking my guests why they chose my place and then use those answers to not only tweak my listing but also figure out what I can do better and more that doesn’t impinge upon profits.

It’s hard work! :slight_smile:

Knowing your competition and your guests is how you become successful. I give you credit for making it such a focus.

Any word on your SH status? :crossed_fingers:

Earning Superhost status

You don’t need to apply to become a Superhost. If you meet the program requirements on the quarterly assessment date, you’ll qualify for Superhost status. Quarterly assessments begin on January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st, every year. We’ll notify you of your Superhost status at the end of each assessment period—which usually finishes 10 days after the assessment begins. Only primary hosts are eligible to attain Superhost status.

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Also, you’ve said you got bookings last week due to turning on IB…does your competition have IB?

Thank you very much. I appreciate your feedback.

I did get SH status about 3 days after I said I was clicking every 15 minutes. And you?

Also got the notification that I’m good for keeping SH through the April 1st review, so that’s making me happy.


Could the SH also have helped you get more bookings?

Possibly, but I really put it down to IB and then getting SH because of IB. IB on in December and within 24 hours got a 4 day stay on IB; she just left last week. Within a week I had 2 more longer stays about 6 weeks from the booking. Then the IBs started coming in same-day.

SH a month later, and it’s increased my views, upped my ranking in the listing, and last week got me four-in-a-row one night bookings at the last minute.

I’ve gone from not getting bookings because I’m not at a tourist destination (unless you’re a manatee in winter coming to the power station for warm water) to having February almost full (didn’t happen last year!) and a busy January - which was empty last year.

I’ve had some crazy messages after booking that have had me calling Air to cancel and Air’s been surprisingly supportive.

All in all, I think it’s a two-fer. IB and then SH and my reviews.

Yay all of you for making me turn on IB. :wink:

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