Guest cancelled, but AirBnB tells me to write a review?

I had a guest cancel six hours before check-in. She had caught a stomach bug and I was grateful that she decided to stay home. Refunded her full reservation with no hesitation.

But later in the day I got the “Review [Guest]” message from AirBnB. I thought it would generate an automatic “[guest] cancelled the reservation before check-in. This is an automated posting”, but no - the link is for the full review form. How can I possibly review her cleanliness and observance of house rules when we never met?

Do I simply let the review period time-out, or should I fill the review out?

… or should I escalate this to airbnb support?

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I would call them. Looks like a glitch in the system which is no surprise

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AirBnB rep called me back and said it was normal procedure if a visit is cancelled on the day of check-in. Both me and the guest get to review eachother without ever meeting. Not sure how to deal with it though. Five stars and a short note that we never actually met? Or just leave the review empty and let it time out?

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No glitch at all. Airbnb will prompt all canceled guests and bookings now for reviews. They didn’t in the past but are obliged to do so now after a court verdict in the UK. I can’t remember the article I read but all must be able to review even if canceled

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I wouldn’t leave a review though. But the choice is now yours and the guest - as opposed to that being Airbnb’s decision before.
So the idea is that you can leave one if you deem it necessary.

But we are punished for not filling in reviews, right? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a “review rating” or “review ratio” or something in my dashboard, indicating that they keep track of how much feedback we provide our guests.