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Guest Cancellation Request - Strict Policy

Thanks everyone for the advice. In the end the guest canceled for a full refund. It sucks that I’m going to lose $600 because he decided to book more than one house without reading my policy. There is no way I will find a replacement to book but it’s better than forcing him to come because at this point I’m certain it would have resulted in a bad review.

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How did they get a full refund?

I’m thinking he gamed the system, telling tales along the way, legends offered the full refund so the guest took it. I would not have been that nice, but y’all know that ha ha.

Me either. Legends lost money on the other booking to take one from this loser.
That person belongs in our BGL. Which just got locked on us BTW.

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I had to choose between giving him a full refund, or having him come here for 4 days and be pissed at me all week. He was unhappy and wouldn’t accept responsibility for booking two places and was blaming it on Airbnb. My hands were tied and I just couldn’t risk having him leave me a negative feedback so air suggested I refund him and I did. It seems pretty unfair and I wish he would be penalized like I would be if I canceled on a guest.

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I hate those circumstances!!!

Not your fault and you paid the price!

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We all need to get over getting a bad review. You can respond and most of the times people can read between the lines. Don’t be captive to a bad system.


I think this one played the system. Legends should check to see where he finally stayed after the dates are past. I do this all the time and so many difficult inquiries end up not staying at any Airbnb!

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Yes I totally got screwed here and he certainly gamed the system. It’s not just about getting a bad review, it’s about my peace of mind. While he wouldn’t be in my home, he would be in my guest house next to my workshop, on my farm where I am all day, every day. I can’t imagine getting stuck with this guy for 4 days! I would have felt like a prisoner in my own home and I work way too hard to let someone like that on my property.


I totally get this, but I’m still sorry you got you know what!

If he was so sneaky, perhaps it all turned out for the best.

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Y’all still too nice.

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Here’s hoping you DO get a booking with a perfectly charming guest - but what a mess! So sorry.

Legends - I have only had to put guests in their place twice. One I reported in the Bad Guest Lounge and it was soooo ugly upon arrival. This was through Flipkey. Guests will sometimes back down once you set them straight. The guy never did leave a review and the situation was very ugly. He was a manipulative liar.

I had to also stand up for myself just last week and had to make an uncomfortable phone call - directly asking the guest if my partner upset her husband about the lawn. I could not allow the issue to fester. I am a direct person. She booked through VRBO. I felt much of their behavior was passive aggressive all the way to the text when they left saying “There were no sponges for the kitchen sink” - they refused to pick up any dish cloths or paper towels left for them and left water puddles on wooden kitchen counters. They wanted their money’s worth because I refused to entertain their discount request. But if I refused to decline all discount seekers…I would hardly have any bookings!!

She may leave a review. I don’t know…

But thankfully I do not use Homeaway payments where they will pester her and remind her. A lot of people just need to be put in their place

I thought that their review isn’t public until you submit a review for them. So even if they do leave a bad review, unless you write one fornthem, it goes nowhere. ? Am I wrong?

A review is made public in 14 days or when the other side writes a review whichever comes first. Either side can have their review published even if the other side never writes a review.

Crikey. Now crazy Marin County Lady could screw me over. Grrrr. Thanks for letting me know.

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