Guest canceled a day before check in but i am shocked!

Guest canceled one day before check in and he gets 40% refund automatically because he said his sick. So all what the guest should do if he change his mind a day before check in is send a message where he say it’s not his fault and that’s it. I think that’s more than un fair by Airbnb.

What is your cancellation policy? I have strict and they would not be refunded anything. Of course they can always make an extenuating circumstance claim but then they would get it all back. So it sounds like they were refunded under moderate policy?


Luckily Airbnb gives us the choice of policy we prefer. You can chose which one suits your hosting style the best. I have flexible because nine times put of ten I can get guests for the cancelled nights. Other hosts may prefer to choose another policy - many do. It’s up to each host to see which one is right for their own particular circumstances…


I allow the MOST FLEXIBLE cancellation policy and get 11th hour cancels all the time. It sucks.

The worst part… every now and then someone cancels too late to get a refund (day of check in). They then get to leave a retaliatory review when you don’t agree to refund them! ABB really screws the host on this aspect.

All that said: I’m not changing anything. Even with the occasional 1* across the board my overall rating stays at 5* due to the sheer numbers. It’s nice when you get to several hundred or more reviews… your real quality shines through the BS.

They probably provided a doctor’s note.