Guest books for 12 nights and wants to change to, please

She submitted an alteration request a few hours before checking in which gives her 11 days basically cancelled for free. Based on moderate cancellation policy I could “technically” require her to pay the 2nd night as well as half of the remaining 10. She offered to pay for the 2nd night and based on her staying at another of my listings in the past I am inclined to do it that way. However, it looks like I must Decline her request before submitting my own. Is there a way to submit a new alteration with an open one from her? Also, how should I handle it in the future. I am not inclined to be so generous for having my calendar blocked for 10 nights up to the night before…

Thanx in advance for any and all feedback!

Tricky! I would like to tell you should tell her she will only be receiving a refund as per your cancellation policy… but I know I’d feel uncomfortable doing that if it was me. It’s only right though, she has blocked your calendar. It feels like a sneaky way of doing it (on her part)
Sorry not helpful!!

I wouldn’t do it. That’s kinda crappy, honestly. Gaming the (alteration) system to get around the cancellation policy REALLY rubs me the wrong way. It’s an abuse of our courtesy. Is she going to check in for one day? My guess is no. That’s a cancellation.


what happens if you deny the alteration? I need a little more info.

It was more laziness and busy-ness on her part. She also told me 5 days prior and asked if she could still stay the one night. I had told her no problem. She had it booked so no one else was going to be blocking her out. She should have changed thighs then but since she didn’t I asked if she was still planning on one night or 12. That’s was when she finally went in and made the alteration request. I’m the only one she has used Airbnb with so I don’t feel like she was totally gaming the system though. Probably some ignorance.

She did check in today, as planned so no, it is not a total cancellation.

I won’t know what happens when I deny it until I do. That’s why I was asking for some feedback about that too. I’ll probably deny it and gen submit a new one a single I don’t see any other way to go…

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First deny it. Then you can alter/change the res to include the days you want to charge her for. Then SHE has to approve or deny.

In your situation, I would say because of the very late notice, that you will need to deny her request and it will need to go through as a cancellation. However if you are able to relet any of the days you are able to consider a refund less costs ie cleaning etc

Tough cookies. She needs to eat it. Her bad planning doesn’t get to be your loss. I had that happen once and I stupidly believed the guest. Changed 14 nights to four, claiming she had business obligations that suddenly came up. Total BS. I found out later that she got Marriot hotel points. Turned out to be my guest from hell, the slutty Jennifer. Not a good way to start a stay. With a lie that cost me $1,000 in booking fees.


Since you seem to be fine with refunding her all those days (no idea why) then I would have her pay the 2nd night in cash.

If you accept an alteration for 2 nights, then how are you going to be able to open your calendar on night 2? She is only staying one night…correct? She is just agreeing to pay for 2 nights, and only stay 1. Take cash. easy. Hopefully someone else will book the second night.

This is what I would also recommend. I’d refuse her request and tell her that you will give a refund only if the house is re-booked.

You shouldn’t be out the money because she wasn’t organized.

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I agree. It’s not your fault. She should bare the consequences.

I have a strict cancellation policy, and the only time I refunded a guest was because the reservation was 6 months out plenty of time to rebook.

I would deny the request. Who decides they only need one night after booking 12? Sounds like she’s trying to take advantage of the host. It’s highly unlikely the dates will get booked on short notice. Deny and make her cancel and then if you’re feeling overly generous, offer her a modest discount on the days that she hijacked your calendar.

I wonder how to handle it in the future…when someone just tells me that they won’t be able to stay the whole time. The first time it happened they told me that they wouldn’t be crushed if I didn’t refund them as they were going to stay at their friend’s house for free right near work. But then he docked me on my stars for my overall as well as for value. I fear that will happen with the current one…although she gave me all 5 in a previous stay when she was in the house I live in instead of my whole house listing.

I guess I should be proactive and tell them that they should cancel the remainder of the trip asap in order to get the max refund possible and then if they are good and I feel like it then offer them to refund more for any of the nights that later get booked. And then if they try to submit an alteration decline it stating the refund policy and reiterate I will refund if the nights get rebooked, and chance the low stars? But if someone cancels, at least in SOME cases I know, the guest is not allowed to leave a review. Is that the case for ALL? Like if someone booked 14 days and canceled the last 2, or does it only matter if they cancel stating bad reasons? I previously had someone cancel the last 2 nights of their 3 night stay because I requested that they pay for their child (they had agreed to at checking but declined the alteration once I left (I have since learned not to let them in until they accept but then had someone request a refund of the amount after they left…I don’t think they will get it though…we’ll see.) the one who cancelled the last 2 nights was unable to leave a review and I was unable to leave a review either…makes me so mad because he flat out lied to me!