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Guest booked for 1 person and accidently it turned out they are 2


…when the internet didnt work and he contacted me to help me fix it. i offered to go the apartment and fix it, and he said its okay, but he will be away. so i went there, and noticed, that instead of one guest, there are two. what should i do in this situation? i charge 6 euros after the first guest per person, so its not a big amount, i dont understand why they did it.


This was no “accident.” The guest snuck another guest in. Send a polite text and ask for the guest to leave you 6 euros for the additional person. It’s not much compensation but should make you feel better. See how this situation goes and if there is not a resolution to your satisfaction you can always leave this notation about sneaking in a person in their review.


thanks for the reply, actually its 12 euros because its for 2 nights. and as i saw he is with a teenager kid, so not with a baby, because i dont charge for children under 6. they didnt even tried to hide that they made another bed - altough im really sensitive to the sheets, because its hard to organize to always make beds of clean beddings. so, im not sure it was intentionally.

and besides, i hate to confront people. plus, those 12 euros would be outside of airbnb system, and its against the rules.


I hate confrontations too, but I have learned that guests take advantage of our tendency as hosts not to confront. I have sent notes to guests who blatantly do this, and they always apologize because they usually know what they are doing is pushing it. As for collecting outside the system, you should… I collect tax outside the system, and this is even encouraged by Air. However, if you just can’t bring yourself to do it, take it as a lesson learned and be much more emphatic in your rules… ONLY REGISTERED GUEST MAY STAY IN THE ROOM. Did he introduce you to the teen when he checked in? NO, so the conclusion is, he clearly meant to sneak the kid, saving himself 12 euros. That’s not a desirable type of guest.

Not trying to be bossy, but you should consider charging a full adult rate for anyone over 2. The airlines do! They are not less mess to clean up after, they are oftentimes more.

I would still leave a review about this guest sneaking in another guest. That’s bad to do and was no accident.


right, i was thinking that kids make huge mess. but anyway, now i messaged airbnb with this problem.


Maybe they can pull the 12 Euros out of his deposit if he admits he had another guest. Hope so.


yes, this is what i hope, still, i count with a bad review after that.


There is a way to alter the reservation. I did this but it was within the first 24 hours - so not sure if it is too late after payout has been initiated. You can always call Airbnb and just ask hypothetically if someone were to bring extra guests…what should you do. If they reply that it has to be done within the first 24 hrs. then no need to tell them about this situation but collect the money in cash. This is from their help page:

To request changes to your reservation as a host:

Click your name at the top of airbnb.com
Select Your Reservations
Next to the reservation you want to change, click Alter or Cancel

If you don’t confront the guest it will burn you up inside for being taken advantage of. I would let the guest know that the quoted rate at the time of the reservation was based on one guest. The charge for an additional guest is 6 euros per night. I would make a suggestion as to where you would like the money left and ask him to confirm receipt of your message and to text you upon departure to confirm the money is there.

I agree with Konaconconutz about children. My worst guests are groups with more than two children under the age of 6 (unless grandma or grandpa is keeping things in order). Many parents allow their children to use your drink coasters, tv remotes, tv manuals, etc. as toys. There will be crumbs all in your sofa cushions, food spills in the beds, fingerprints everywhere, sticky spills just left to dry, etc. They think it is okay for little Johnny to play with stickers and glitter. Plus, families with small children are more likely to spend more time in the home, as little kids tend to go bed early.

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